Test Server Update - Dec. 11, 2020

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  1. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    Auraximas is here!
    The weather outside may be frightful, but that won't stop the Auraximas holiday from arriving.

    Snowmen Return - Snowman (and Snowman made of... stone?) are appearing once again throughout the battlefields of Auraxis. Destroy these frosty fiends for bonus experience, and you may occasionally stumble across a rare Golden Snowman, which might offer up a special surprise.

    Sanctuary - The social hub of Sanctuary reveals new lights, sounds, and hidden presents that you can claim a reward from once a day!

    Holiday Missions - 'Tis the season for giving, and new daily missions will help you spread holiday cheer from Sanctuary to Auraxis. In addition, each of these completed missions contribute to a new holiday directive!

    New Directive - New rewards and updated challenges await you for the duration of the Auraximas holiday.

    Seasonal Equipment - Special equipment is available this holiday season, including gift-wrapped C4, cookie-box themed ammunition packs, and a deployable Tactical Snowman.

    Holiday Depot Items - In the Depot you'll find new holiday items as well, like the Snowflake Lumifibers, Northwind Tire Trails, and a sleigh full of holiday horns, camos, weapons, and cosmetics.

    Infantry Adjustments
    NSX Masamune and NSX-A Muramasa
    • Direct damage from 185 to 225.
    • Adjusted rocket visuals so that smoke trails do not linger.
    Dev Note: Direct damage adjustments here bring the Masamune's anti-vehicle potential closer to the Decimator's without usurping its role.

    Infantry Rocket Launchers
    Standardized the minimum blast radius of 0.35m to 0.5m.
    Impacted weapons below:
    • NSX Masamune
    • NSX-A Muramasa
    • NS Decimator
    • Hades VSH4
    • AF-22 Crow
    • M9 SKEP Launcher
    • NC15 Phoenix
    • Phoenix AE
    • Shrike
    • S1
    • ML-7
    Dev Note: The changes here are closer to cleanup, as its impact on damage output is miniscule.

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Players who were unable to achieve an Auraxium medal with a bugged NS-W Survivor are now able to do so.
    • Nano-Repair Grenades and the Punisher's Enhancement Underbarrel no longer repair facility generators.
    • Sawbones mission now includes Shield Recharging experience as an option alongside Healing experience.
    • Being killed by The Flail now shows the correct weapon text and icon on the death screen.
    • NC's Lightning AP projectile visuals appear once again in third person.
    • Scythe Photon Pods now play the correct audio when firing.
    • NSO Construction turrets are no longer missing their weapons.
    • Restored the missing easteregg for Mentis2k6 from Indar.
    • Fixed various animation issues related to the NS Firebug.
    • Fixed an animation issue regarding weapon... stroking.
    • Reduced the brightness of the VS Auraxium Mandibles.
    • Updated Field Officer Knightly's transmit image.
    • Fixed a typo in the Assassin implant's Tier 5 description.
  2. ThatSeanKid

    Server is still down over 13 hours later, why is that?
  3. Vazinero

    Was it intentional that The Stronghold was reverted to a major facility?
  4. JustGotSuspended

    Can we also do this "cleanup" with the Kraken? Don't see it on here.
  5. Tr34

    I think Phoenix shouldn't be buffed/affected, it will just encourage players to stay in safe spawn room and kill infantry with Phoenix even more. Exclude faction specific launchers from this buff please. Massamune buff is on point in my opinion.
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