Test Server Update - 3/5

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    A new patch has been published to the Public Test Server (PTS) and test is unlocked for play. Today's patch includes fixes and tuning changes for the Escalation update based on feedback from this week's playtest. We will continue to work on additional fixes and polish before Escalation launches on live servers next Wednesday, March 11.

    Today's patch notes:

    • Bastions should no longer appear to stutter when rotating.
    • Bastions should no longer snap into place when reaching their stop destination.
    • Bastion Engine effects should now turn off when expected when coming to a stop.
    • Polished Bastion engine visual effects.
    • Polished Bastion explosion visual effects and increased the distance at which the effects can be seen.

    Bug Fixes
    • Critical Chain will no longer last indefinitely.
    • Sanctuary map and mini-map no longer disappear at higher zoom levels.
    • ANT is no longer missing its deploy and undeploy audio effects.
    • Max units now correctly produce footstep audio.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with vendors.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur in Sanctuary.
    • Fixed Orbital Strikes coming in at incorrect angles when used with the construction Targeting Device.

    • The MAX’ Burster direct damage resistance type from 2 (small arms) to 4 (heavy machine gun). Overall damage output is less than Gorgons.
    • Re-ordered Waypoints menu to make more sense.
    • Tuned values on Resource Trade Vendor items.
    • Updated icons for Merit Boosts.
    • Added final UI audio feedback for the Outfit Armory.
    • Up x 3

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