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    This is an idea I've posted before, but always in response to some other OP, who in return likes the idea but it's always kinda far down the page. So I figured I'd just start a thread on it specifically here and see if any of you INF guys like it. I think like, Ztiller and Mustarde have some suction on here. Geeeeew, I hope they like it, eeeek!. Anyways...

    TARGET PAINTER! (not real paint)

    Shoot a target with a dart, that target becomes spotted for the duration of the dart and receives a hard outline that can be seen by yourself and teammates through cover!

    *shooting mechanic, arc, velocity, fire rate = Just like motion sensor dart
    *would be a motion sensor sidegrade

    The idea is that the INF can do very little against armor and this would be, I believe, an appropriate way for the INF to get involved in helping take down armor in an indirect manner (so other than being in the situational position of being next to a hackable turret and more fun and useful than simply 'Q-ing' and telling teammates about 'dat der tank over dere'. This is available, direct, effective)

    This could also work against infantry I suppose, but as many of you could guess or maybe know since you've tried, it's not that easy to tag someone with those motion sensor darts. This would be inherently more useful against vehicles. Of course, if there's some MAX sitting still enough that you think your teammates ought to know about, you could always tag 'em too.

    *a "target painting" xp bonus would of course be applied if a teammate takes out a target you painted (probably not if you also killed him though. Like, for instance, you probably shouldn't be able to tag some guy standing still, then shoot him, then reap more reward, at least I think that would be silly)
    *More reward for a more valuable target. For instance, painting a MBT versus a Flash.
    *how MUCH reward??? Dunno. I just wanna help!
    *Paint duration and visibility would be tied to cert line. For instance, maybe at rank 1, the target is just spotted for the duration of the dart. Rank 2, longer spot, seeable through walls, Rank 3, hard outline, Rank 4, beeping minimap icon, Rank 5, they turn into a chicken, I don't know, discuss wouldya?


    Depending on how the community feels about this, this COULD simply be an added ability to the motion tracker. Since it basically IS the motion tracker, the abilities could be combined. In other words, shoot the wall if you want a motion sensor (or if you miss), directly shoot an enemy if you want a target painter. I don't necessarily think that's like, too mind-blowingly OP or unfair, but you guys let me know if I'm wrong.

    You could even like, RIGHT-CLICK to switch between MotionTrack or TargetPaint mode that way there's some penalty for missing whilst in TP mode and no accidental hits in MT mode. Or don't.

    Also, I'm not exactly married to the name or the ideas and appreciate conversation and discussion, even of the emphatic and frustrated variety.

    But I do think it's crucial that if there be a tracking mechanic, it be intuitive, fun and fair, not simply binoculars and not simply a sniper rifle that can "hurt" tanks or tag them. The idea has simply come from shooting teammates and tanks and enemies with the dart simply because it's funny as hell. It'd be nice if it were also helping somehow. (Anyone ever draw smiley faces on walls when standing next to an ammo pack!?!)

    Okay, that's it. you're done reading.


    Yes, I know vehicle hacking is another popular idea being tossed around, but this is another, less direct alternative that's a bit more flexible, yet less powerful.

    (also be cool if like, the INF were like, "Target IS painted" maybe even a balancing mechanic since nearby enemies could hear him gloat).

    Okay now you're done.


    If you like the idea, then give it a thumbs up! That way, it gets noticed and we can get some freakin' TP in the near future! That'd be dope!

    Okay, now you're done.

    Wait wait wait!

    Thanks for reading
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