Summer Event - Will you finish it?

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  1. r1po

    ~ One week left.
    Will you finish it?
    And i'm asking the devs too. I mean the devs play casually too right? And the summer event is supposed to be finish-able by casuals?!
    I probably won't be able to finish it.

    Who will finish Tour Guide?
    - A time limited event during a time limited event.
    - With the task to kill pilots near the anomaly (that don't fly as Light-Assaults during the alert and bail)
    - That needs "even" air pop to even work.

    Well. I had enough problems to find even 1 player to voluntarily to get in my Lib or Gal and try this bs.
    We mostly got destroyed before getting close to the anomaly.
    Yeah, the event is great fun when there is 60% Faction 1 and 2x 20% Faction 2&3.
    But we managed to destroy a few esfs.
    But i didn't get a single kill. They either bailed, were to far from the bubble? or were bugged. Who knows.

    Do you even care anymore for the events?
  2. Campagne

    Oh. I completely forgot that was even going on. I suppose that means "no."

    I don't think it was actually meant to be doable. At least, not to most casual players.
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  3. r1po

    Tour Guide must be one the most stupid ideas they ever had.
    Just wasted 30 minutes for 2 more kills. Now I'm at 5 / 30.
    Once again one faction had the most air pop and dominated the bubbles.
    This time it was NC. My/Our faction.
    And i found 2 new players that jumped in at the wg.
    We then got 30 minutes of boring hovering in the bubbles.
    I got 2 or 3 road kills by esfs that rammed us.
    But they didn't count of course. Because they have to be gunner kills.

    So you don't get kills if your faction has the most air pop.
    And you don't get kills if your faction has the lowest pop.
    Of course some TR Ranger Harrys tried to get kills without really participating.
    They were just sitting there without being targets/valuable for the event itself.

    Tour Guide may work as a long term directive.
    But as a event task?
    This just shows how the one that had this idea, actually doesn't know what it's like to play this game. Or is just bad at his/her job.

    21! players have finished this directive so far.

    This is once again not a FUN-EVENT. Summer-Fun? MY ***!
    New and casual players, so players that may still care about these events, won't probably be able to finish this.
    Which may result in disappointment. From a professional game developer perspective, nothing you would want.
    With one task bugged and the others with too much grind, this event is a fail, once again.
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  4. Darksider02

    The summer directive is no fun and i wont even bother, but is the summer event not to the end of august about a month left?
  5. Scrundle

    I'll not finish it but with Maximum Pressure fixed I'll at least be able to get the weapon skin.
    I don't enjoy using vehicles so two of the directive requirements are out the window straight away, i'm not going to invest time into playstyles I actively dislike so that I can get a sticker.

    i just played the game and get tier 2 reward, i think i need kill some maxes when they finally enable this new allert type and i gonna get tier3 (camo). Actually i don't care, rewards is meh, i am not even tried, it just happens by accident (i was in harraser gunning mood during 1st month of summer). But i miss "Little Helper" cause they somehow lost our progress just in the middle of event and i didn't get it in time.
  7. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I got what I wanted from the event - rewards from the first 2 tiers. The camos I use are the ones I paid actual money for. I've never used a title. No point in me putting extra effort into things I know I'll never use.

    After playing this game for 6 years now, the vents have become rather same-y. The new alert is both a blessing and a curse. I like it because it means I can get kills with my Archer or feel more encouraged to play MAX given that there will be more Engineers on hand. I could play SMG Infiltrator a little more to finish off my last auraxium by picking off Archer Engineers. But that's all this alert has going for me. When I played through the alert last night it was just a grinder that became unfun very fast.

    Short answer. No I won't finish it, nor do I have any intention of doing so.
  8. AlcyoneSerene

    No. Haven't even unlocked the weapon camo on all factions, just NC so far, but I guess I should switch to TR & VS just for that.
  9. OldMaster80

    Directives are not content, they are just a stupid way to keep players entertained.
    I refuse to do that, I feel like a hamster running in the wheel.
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    i don´t mind events but those in PS2 are not very motivating to do ...

    while not perfect either MW:O does more fair events with getting good rewards
    i´m still of the opinion that DBG needs to overhaul all its weapon directives to doing damge than kills ... at the very least those that are meant to and in practise are rather spportweapons then weapons with killpotential ..
  11. then00b

    Seems very unlikely, though I already got the weapon camo.
    I suspect won't get the alert directives done, if the max alert ever appears. Not entirely sure the air kills even count half the time.
  12. Commandoo

    I'm in ps4 and I don't know about summer event? Side note also I've only been playing 1 month? What is this summer event?
  13. ZDarkShadowsZ

    It's an event held each summer where an event directive is unlocked. From here you work towards getting limited-time only rewards such as an implant pack, camo, title etc. A couple of extra weapons are also unlocked, a water balloon (for 1 cert) and the Soldier Soaker. Which is basically a multicoloured reskin of the T4-AMP. It has a heat mechanic and is intended to simulate a water pistol. Part of the directives for the event require you to get kills with either the Solider Soaker or water balloons.

    I'm not sure if it's available on PS4, but you can find out by going to your directives tab and checking to Event section. If there's nothing there, the event isn't active for you.
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  14. r1po

    I don't care for the stupid rewards. I mean the banner for the last tear looks nice. But that's not the reason i play the event directives.
    I play them for the FUN and my completion-urge.


    50 max kills. An absurd number. 10 or max. 20 would've been enough for a FUN EVEN DIRECTIVE on the last tier. Especially if it's locked behind an alert event.

    It was supposed to be a fun event.

    Tried to get some Tour Guide kills today.
    Joind a platoon and asked for gunners.
    Only 1 was willing to gun.
    Flew 30 seconds to the bubble. We got into a little bit of AA.
    He bailed.
    Asked again.
    No answer.
    Joined a different platoon.
    Asked for gunners.
    No answer.
    Joind a different platoon.
    Asked again.
    1 gunner joined.
    8 Minutes into the alert already.
    Flew 30-40 seconds to the bubble.
    Bubble changed position.
    Flew into the new direction.
    Got shot down by 6 Mossis.
    Back to the WG.
    20 seconds to the bubble.
    12 Mossis, 4 Gals and 2 Libs waiting.
    I'm the only NC aircraft.
    1 Scythe getting effed as i come closer.
    ~200m distance to the bubble.
    The Mossis see me.
    I get uninstalled.
    Alert score after 15minutes 500VS - 500 NC - 3000 TR
    And no f____ing chance to get a kill.

    I mean wtf devs. Are you even knowing your own game anymore?
  15. r1po

    Forgot the best part.
    All the G2A everywhere that messing up this already messed up ***********.
    Trying to steal some kills while not being targets for the directive themselve.

    Man, brilliant event. Chapeau. Excellent game design.
  16. JobiWan

    I usually take part in the events but the top rewards for this one are so meh, I'm not bothering. I may get to the third tier just from regular play but I'm not trying, for some camo that nobody will ever notice on my gun.
  17. r1po

    Todays aerial alert was awesome.

    Playing as a NC trying to get some points for "Tour Guide"

    Score after 30minutes: 600 NC - 800 TR - 6000 VS

    Found some gunners.
    Couldn't even get close to the bubble.
    Gunner assists after 30minutes: 0

    Awesome event. So much Summer-Fun. Whoever had the idea for this task is a genius and a real game designer.
  18. Commandoo

    Thank you And no it's not available but atleast I know where to look.