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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by elkikko92, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. elkikko92

    I dont play ps2 anymore. The actual state of the game is very bad. I dont need planetside 3, I think planetside 2 (with actual 4 continents) has the potential to become the best strategy FPS.
    The things to improve are: metagame, resource system, capture system. Capture a base should be various and enjoyble
    Actually the factions dont want capture a new territory, but they want only find a good battle to shoot for hours without any strategy or progression.

    Please, we need a lot of suggestions to improve this great game
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  2. InexoraVC

    Who are these "WE" ?
    All suggestions had been written long long ago. But DBG/RPG don't care of them.
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  3. Twin Suns


    Exhibit A.. Planetside 2 forums.

    *takes seat* Any rebuttal OP?
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  4. Blam320

    I see no concrete suggestions, OP.
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  5. NotziMad

    I'm always invested in the things I like, even more so in the things I care about, that includes computer games.

    And I've been playing this game since the first year it came out, and over the years, I've seen it evolve, change, and I've seen many players like you OP who may feel like there's something special, something really great about this game, but at the same time (and this is the hard part) the potential it has. (or had).

    I look at the game today or 7 years ago, and my strongest feeling and thought is the same, it could be so much more, but not only that, it could easily be so much more, but not only that, it deserves to be so much more !

    It's had the fundamentals, the core required to build on, that so many games don't have, which makes you imagine without effort all it could be, or all it could have been.

    And to see how the people responsible for this game don't attempt to achieve that potential, they don't even try, they play around with it like a bunch of monkeys playing around with a ferrari, having no idea how to drive it let alone fix it, leaves me so unbelievably frustrated that many times over the years I have literally grown to hate those developers.

    As anyone with a passion for automobiles may feel frustrated when seeing a bunch of monkeys mess around with a ferrari, skidding around in the mud and laughing the whole time. It's pathetic.

    Often it seems that a lot of the players, like me, care more for the game than the devs do. Often it also seems, or rather, I'm pretty sure, that the work they do makes the game worse than before.
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  6. Caesar_REDMIST

    A simple thing to do would be to REMOVE the minimap.
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  7. RabidIBM

    I'd say part of the problem is that players aren't given enough motivation to try out the whole game, instead getting as far as having one character on one faction constantly grinding the same infantry blenders. Give players something snazzy for playing different roles, for fighting at different bases, even for playing different factions. You have the most fun when you play the whole game, but many players don't seem to know that.
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  8. Badman76

    Nerf TR Vulcan, reduce harassers health, make esf's have a higher low speed
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  9. InexoraVC

    "Something snazzy" are: DBC, certs, ISO-4. These things and ESF learning curve block "try out the whole game".
  10. BamaRage

    1st suggestion to improve the game is fire that damn youtuber wrel....
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  11. JibbaJabba

    It's long overdue to increase cert gain for new players.

    I don't need it retroactive or anything like that. Veterans are fine. Give the new kids faster access to the toys though.
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  12. Johannes Kaiser

    Definitely. New players need a boost so they have a better feeling of progression and can earlier have well improved equipment to work with. This would most likely help player retention form the side of newly joined ones.
    With the lootbox system that is implants, I'd suggest if they increase make a query for veterans on the next login whether they want it retroactively or not. I personally wouldn't mind a few shots ar exceptionals.
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  13. InexoraVC

    New players need certs and ISO-4 boosts. Because it is hard to get enough iso to upgrade necessary implants to level 5
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  14. Johannes Kaiser

    Yep. Especially since the veteran players already have it and it probably hits hard on the incentive to play when progress feels slow and what feels like everyone and their duck already has what one is lacking in. One of the reasons I pretty much exclusively play my main char.
  15. Twin Suns

    The Newbs are for the annual Soylent Green harvests. See The Harvester Combine, aka Bastion.

    Sure, water the crops. Their still gonna get harvested by the combine though. Nothing you can do to help the crops without changing the way these Farms operate.

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  16. MonnyMoony

    Save your breath. Pretty much everything has been suggested countless times and the devs simply ignore them, especially hen it comes to the new player experience.

    From bugs, to exploits, to stupid game play mechanics - there is simply no will to fix any of it.

    The devs are too interested on the new shiny shiny crap that only a few top vets (and the devs themselves) can really take advantage of. They are coding just to keep the game interesting for themselves at this point.
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