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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AlesTwo, Dec 2, 2019 at 4:26 AM.

  1. AlesTwo

    As a new player who just started to play with 3 friends I have one important suggestion for you: remove the ******* tutorial from the game!

    Never have I been this annoyed by a so completely pointless tutorial that explains nothing and is a complete waste of time.
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  2. Demigan

    Learning what terminals looked like, or what the goal of the game is (capturing points), using teleporters etc wasnt useful?

    Even with a basic grasp of gaming as a whole you should still have questions that the tutorial answers for you. Are all terminals the same? (Nope we have 3 different terminals), what icons represent capture points and how do I interact with them? What can I expect from movement in the game (wallrunning, swimming, jumping, hooks, lines, telepads etc) and more of such questions.

    That said the tutorial is incredibly basic, still misses points like learning how to find suitable fights (you often find a newb being overrun and not having a clue about going somewhere else), how and when to use vehicles, how bases have a more or less basic layout that allow you to figure out almost instantly where sunderer spots are, where spawnrooms are and the routes to and from basic objectives.
  3. Towie

    Why would a genuinely new player NOT want a tutorial ? I don't understand.

    'Tutorial' when I started went something along the lines of; get dropped into an instant-action-then-death scenario - hope you enjoyed it - please come back for more.
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  4. Scroffel5

    His argument is against the "completely pointless tutorial that explains nothing and is a complete waste of time." He is basically saying to get rid of this tutorial and make a much more useful one. Like guys, its not rocket science. He isn't an idiot. Just think about what he is trying to say.
  5. Movoza

    Oh he means that! Sure I can see that, it's obvious!

    ...wait it isn't. There's 2 tips I'll give him then.

    1: make it obvious what you want. Now players have assumed that the tutorial needs to be removed and it's understandable why.
    2: if you want it removed or changed, be more specific. Why do you want the change, what needs to be changed and if possible suggestions how.

    The current tutorial is much better than no tutorial. What Towie said: when I started, I started in a drop pod hurtling down, arrived in the middle of an attacking TR army and didn't survive much more than a second before being HE prowler cannoned to death. I quickly found out the terminals, but the capture points were unknown to me except some dudes talking about it.
    Finally, it needs to be friendly to people new to the FPS genre. It truly helps.

    Based on these things, I say make it skippable, but don't remove it. That would be ridiculous. You don't do that because 1 person thinks it's not adding anything.
  6. Towie

    Your ability to read between the lines is far superior to mine then.

    I read 'remove the ******* tutorial from the game!' - to mean - "remove the ******* tutorial from the game!" with zero subtext.

    If you've gone through the new tutorial at all, it definitely explains some basic stuff that you simply need to know and will not 'grasp' automatically as most stuff in PS2 isn't obvious. The only people who could possibly be annoyed with this is someone who is starting afresh whilst knowing everything already as it does take a while to get through (like someone switching server - or someone who has been kicked for whatever reason and is creating a new character !)
  7. DarkStarAnubis

    In all honesty tutorials are vastly useless to understand weapons, equipment and abilities.

    Much better send players to Koltyr where they can experiment with weapons and bases layout and learn all the fine details.
  8. TRspy007

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