[suggestion]Disable new ESF weapons during EU-Hossin-Event

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by bodmans, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. bodmans

    I've been trying to enjoy Hossin, exploring it for a bit, and fighting when its more crowded. but there's one thing that bothered me... i always needed some kind of AA protection with me/as me to be able to go around. And that's all because of the Locust and the mass driver. i simply couldnt pull a vehicle unless it had either these weapons on, or AA guns/AA max in the back.

    I know that these weapons are far from finished and ''balanced'', but with the upcoming event, i can see what problems they would be causing if one faction were to gain air superiority with these. last night for instance there was a squad of reavers, destroying everything that didnt have excessive AA protection.

    I hope you get the general idea, but what are your thoughts on this?
  2. Van Dax

    we could call for a no use pact.
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  3. Darkplace

    I'm sure the guys in Woodman would be happy to do this.
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  4. Itzhaki

    Are the ESF new weapons Live on PTS or only on PTS-VR?
  5. KAHR-Alpha

    You can use them outside of the VR.
  6. Itzhaki

    Thank you, I'll see what we can do about this.
  7. Cougarbrit

    But what about the trolls who'd inevitably use them anyways? Can't exactly ban them from the server unless a GM was willing to babysit the event, only thing we could do it pack excessive AA everywhere which would ruin things for the legit pilots.
  8. qlum

    I think we should refrain from using it and if a troll does use it tell him to stop and if he doesn't tk him. I think we can at least make sure the clan members are up to it but the randoms we just have to teach them.
    Even if its not perfect it sure as hell is better then everyone flying around with these op things, hell I would say parking aa is kind of useless with the weapons being so powerful that another aircraft is far more effective then AA, AA itself would also die quite fast.
  9. Greddy

    Im sorry mate, but the PTS is for testing things out, not to arrange events. Why dont you use the weapons to test these out during the event in the TEST server, and then give SoE a real feedback, based on actual combat experience. Every weapon is OP in the VR room with stationary targets, it doesent mean its good on applying them on a moving target.
  10. qlum

    First of all getting a group together is for testing, namely testing the base layout of the new continent.

    Second at least the new chaingun on aircraft is just rediculously powerful, sure you can't fully test weapons in the vr zone but you can sure as hell get a good impression that this gun is not working as intended, aircaft dying so much faster then with other weapons would be op outside of the vr as well considering it has nothing that would really change anything on moving targets as the bullet speed is also very high. The mass driver currently has some issue with extended mags giving it too much ammo which is a clear bug and the lock on has more range then it should have had even according to the description.

    So yea we can demand for a big scale test run of a new continent to not use weapons which are clearly not working as intended right now as using those weapons would ruin the rest of the test.

    Edit: this vid clearly shows how it is not a good idea to allow them:
  11. bodmans

    thats nice and all, but i saw what they did outside VR, pulling anything besides AA was basicly a death wish
  12. Xale

    Which there is already enough of. As it stands, the Locust makes actual combat testing of Hossin impractical. It is more useful to test with weapons that are already 'optimal'. Throwing in the Locust just adds in one more variable than needed into testing.

    Too many variables in a test makes for a poor test. Its downright stupid if we know one of the variables are already tainted.
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  13. Stigma

    I will bring this potential problem to the attention of the organizers on Miller - so that hopefully we can get some direct dialogue going between the server organizers and agree on a ruleset to follow. Whether the new weapons are disallowed in the "rules of engagement" or not, it would be good to have some clarity on the issue so we are all on the same page if nothing else.

    Personally I think that dealing with and adjusting to the drastic Vthrust changes is probably more than enough to keep my mind on during the event, and dealing with broken test-weapons (locust cannon is just incredibly broken OP right now on test) I think would just sour the sport of the event more than anything. There is plenty of opportunity to test these weapons outside of the event schedule after all. My opinion might not reflect that of all the other pilots however, so let's see if we can talk it out in advance.

    I will try to post an update in this thread if I hear back from the leaders about it soon.

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  14. Ronin Oni

    <--- totally going to troll the hell outta this by coming in each faction in turn and rolling with Locusts trollolololololol
  15. Stigma

    Ok, I just had a quick chat with Eurobob (flight leader Miller) and according to him this topic has already been covered by the higher ups and a agreement has been reached between the organizers that the new weapons will be disallowed due to their unfinished state.

    We can't expect SOE to disable the weapons, so this will have to be a self-imposed restriction, but restrictions will be enforced during the event.

  16. bodmans

    ive seen the /r thread now as well, but thanks for letting me know
  17. joe smo

    Probably late to ask but with the recent changes to the Locust cannons so they are no longer laughably OP Is the "ban" still in place?
    I will be using them anyways (for science), but would like to know if I can expect TK's?
  18. bodmans

    i think so, we want to test Hossin in a combat situation that is as simlair as possible to the current live build, but dont ask me. im nt a ''higher-up''
  19. Medlen

    Who do you lot think you are imposing a ban on other players? its ridiculous. you're all quite happy to agree when SOE is reducing the effectiveness of something like the reverse maneuver but when those exact same people say that a weapon is ready to be put to a live server it your decision whether or not other players can use it?

    Pull your over inflated heads out of your anuses. im glad im not on your servers.
  20. bodmans

    I think you missed the point, this sunday, all EU server's have an event in the PTS to test Hossin properly. now those new weapons were released in PTS and they are/were ridiculously OP(sane for coyote). for a proper playtest we want to leave out as much imbalance as possible. We arent suggesting a ban on the users of the new weapons, we will ask them not to use them. If they start disrupting the flow of battle too heavily they will simply be killed.

    And i dont want the RM to be changed, whats your point? and WTH, its on PTS and they were OP to the max, have you even tested them? they would never make it to live in that version?

    Sir/madam, i hope you gain some experience and/or prior knowledge before jumping in a conversation next time.
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