Sub Forums for Construction/Ground/Air vehicle discussions

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Glenndal, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Glenndal

    Can we get those in addition to classes? They're useful, specific parts of the game that might benefit from having a focused place for discussion.
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  2. Campagne

    There actually used to be a vehicle subforum, but like the PS4 subforum is was removed/merged into general gameplay discussion.

    Unfortunately I don't think we will ever see the separation again.
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  3. TRspy007

    Not that it matters, no one reads it but us. The devs have stopped reading these a long time ago, I don't think there's any merit to adding this again if the devs aren't gonna use it.
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  4. Demigan

    I've advocated merging the class discussions with the general forum before. The sub forums are devoid of most attention, often not even getting any thread or reply in a week sometimes a month. I was perplexed that they removed the vehicle sub-forum which aided in the attention vehicle discussions got, while infantry discussions were left in the dark alleyway that is the sub forum section.

    Segregating it into construction/vehicle subforums again would harm these discussions. Not only would it get less attention, it would also increase the circle-jerk attention that happens there. With people mostly paying attention to the sub-forum they play and advocating buffs for themselves without regard for the overall gameplay. You need input from all sides to get a good idea of how a class/vehicle/mechanic functions in the overall game, not just the people who play it.
  5. Glenndal

    I mean, I know there's a perception that forums are a way to talk to Devs, but they're also very effective (in fact most effective) at allowing the players to talk to each other, even if only to direct to external resources. Dividing it by topic helps reduce the more real threads asking for help or legitimately talking about things from getting buried by nonsense threads asking for Infiltrator to be removed or whatever people are salty about for the day.

    At the moment, I'm interested in getting better at playing Tanks, so I'd like to have a place to poke around for it. I'd like to know anything at all about construction before I go wandering the hillsides in an ANT for hours ineffectively. I've been studying/practicing ESF combat, and I'm making improvements, but I'm still having issues with some things and I'd like to ask about specifics.

    Of course, it might be a bit presumptuous of me to think those are more "real" topics than some of the others floating around general. XD
  6. Glenndal

    Well, I didn't advocate for locking everyone into being able to visit one and only one forum section. :p
    I do see your concern, but dumping everything in general means that the community is less able to focus on sub-topics. Especially since forum etiquette discourages dredging up threads from a page or more back. And most people don't look at anything past the first 10 or so posts on page 1, half of which are usually...of dubious or redundant value. I might try asking my ground-vehicle questions in the Engie sub-forum for now.

    I feel construction takes up enough space in the game and is different enough from sunderer/tank/harasser play that it probably should have its own place to be talked about, but I've literally never used it so maybe I'm wrong. Also I've heard that the current game flow creates some other issues for it.

    I definitely think Air should be its own sub forum. Flight mechanics are a completely different beast than driving, and each aircraft has its own playstyle and tactics.
  7. Demigan

    I understand what you mean. Would a kind of tutor subforum be a good compromise? You get to ask and search questions and willing people try to answer to help you. No segregation of "normal" topics required.
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  8. Glenndal

    Seems reasonable to me. Ideally the forums would be active and productive enough to support all of these as separate healthy points of discussion, but I'm unclear on how many people actually use them as-is. A single, learning-focused forum might be sufficient.
  9. adamts01

    Reddit is a little better for that, and apparently Discord is better than Reddit. But if some sort of movement starts here then it'll spread to Reddit, as half of us are on both platforms. I do think this place is better for discussions, as Reddit quickly turns in to a race for internet points and gotcha responses.
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  10. adamts01

    I'd suggest posting on our current sub forums to get an idea of how dead this place is. Everything ends up in General Discussion because because this is the only area where you'll reliably get a discussion going.