Stupid mistake I made.

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by TokyoShoe, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. TokyoShoe

    Okay.. at some point I apparently got confused over one key engineer issue: the fact that the "MANA Turret" (the cert track) and the "ACE Turret" (Adaptive Construction Engine, a hold over name from PS1. This is what the turret is actually CALLED in your inventory.) were in fact one and the same thing.

    I just invested 50 points in the MANA Turret, hoping that it was some sort of upgrade, specifically since it mentions it having a "bubble shield" to protect the user. Well, in my feeble little brain this sounded completely different from the starter turret... specifically because the starter turret does not have a "bubble shield". It's got a pair of glorified wing-mirrors that do crap-all.

    So. I wasted 50 certification points... and all because SOE refuses to consistently name stuff (OR to have some form of basic-training area / method where you can TRY cert point investments BEFORE buying them).

  2. Mansen

    Yeah naming and descriptions haven't been their forte so far. It was much worse in the Beta though.
  3. TokyoShoe

    Here's just one of my numerous questions about this turret nonsense: "Why is it called the ADAPTIVE Construction Engine? I guess being two things (turret or ammo box) is adaptive.. but not very."
  4. Aktarus

    i've lost 2k + certs and 700 SC for a **** auto rifle, just to boost an infiltrator that cant infiltrate properly because he have to long range snipe only to be effective . i can feel your pain bro. :rolleyes:

    they really need to fix names ,perks tooltips , damage range info etc ... actually its kinda hard to know what you are investing in...
    and for the SC shop i wonder if its legal to sell stuff who shows inadequate or inappropriate tooltips...
  5. Ishniana

    Guys one thing to help you out is to try out the weapon before you buy it. To do this go to buy the weapon like normal. At the bottom of the screen under the options to purchase with SC or Certs you will see a blue bar that says Try Now. (Note: will not work if you are dead). Click this and it will allow you to try the gun out for FREE for 30 minutes. You can try a new weapon this way every 8 hours. Hope this helps you guys out in the future.
  6. TokyoShoe

    I'm hip on the "Try Now" for weapons, but honestly the LAST THING I am considering doing is upgrading my weapons. I need to upgrade the base effectiveness of my class first, and to do that I need to invest cert points in .... class certifications. I have only looked heavily into the certifications for the Combat Medic and Engineer at present, so I can only comment on them. Most of these certifications however are extremely poorly described, even worse for location labeling. There are several Engineer certifications that are downright vague as to whether you are investing in an upgrade to an existing item... or a totally new inventory item.

    Screw new weapons. I want my class fixed first.
  7. Ishniana

    Well to be honest the mana turret cert upgrade specifically tells you that each bar you buy only lengthens the time it takes for the turret to overheat. You just have to hover your mouse over each bar itself to see what the cert buy will gain you. I am not however saying that this works for everything. There are still a few things out there that is vague as heck and I agree with you.
  8. TokyoShoe

    Well since it is named something completely different from the item that you start off with.. it seemed more rational in my mind that this was giving me a separate second item and just establishing how long it would take for it to overheat (as a baseline measurement). If I see a certification talking about a piece of gear I do not presently have (by name) then I am going to by default understand that cert as giving me that item now.

    To make matters even more confusing.. have you looked at what slots they have certain certifications in? Like.. the "Ammo Package" cert upgrades under "Ability Slot"? Do those ONLY pertain to upgrading the performance of the Ammo Package you deploy with the secondary fire of the turret? Because that's the only ammo package you HAVE in the Ability Slot. Your normal ammo package is under your Utility Slot. So .. if I raise that certification track.. am I not upgrading my base model ammo package.. only the secondary fire turret one?

    Pure madness.
  9. guitarxe

    I am very curious how the Mana Turret compares to the default starting turret. Is there any difference even?
  10. Saints-Waterson

    I did the *SAME EXACT THING* - The thing is, aside from the different names, I've searched the wiki, forums, and google to find the difference. From what I gathered, I thought this was going to be an automated (unmanned) turret. Again - that's just from what I gathered online.

    Aside from that I see a lot of things saying there are two versions: Anti-Infantry & Anti-Vehicle... but I've yet to find this to be the case... it just seems like there is one turret, and you can upgrade it... am I wrong?
  11. TokyoShoe

    SEE ?!

    Guitarxe, it's not "in comparison to the default starting turret". That cert track upgrade is you actually just upgrading the default crappy turret's overheat time when you fire it. It doesn't give you a new item. That's ALL it does.

    Does not raise damage output. Does not increase the shield size. Does not increase the structural integrity of it (making it tougher to destroy). Nada.

    Just... longer firing times. Wheeeeeee.
  12. Saints-Waterson

    Unless I'm missing something, the ACE Turret (Starting Turret) is the same as the MANA Turret (it just has a different name) and when you drop in Certs, it reduces the overheating. (I dropped in 50 Certs to see the difference, same thing the OP did).
  13. TokyoShoe

    In game, the item you have in your inventory that turns into the default manned turret is called the "ACE - Adaptive Construction Engine". Apparently the massive confusion here is that it the turret mode for the ACE is called the "MANA Turret". That's actually not the awesome part tho. The awesome part? This detail is NOT listed in game. It is not listed in their "Rookie Training Videos" on YouTube.. nada. I had to go to their "Wikia" website to uncover this little gem.

    There apparently is no longer an unmanned / automated turret in any form that is deployable in Planetside 2. They apparently just gutted that part of the Engineer class completely.

    You have your default starter turret.. and the only upgrade you can make to it is longer overheat times when firing. That's .. it.
  14. Saints-Waterson

    Thank you for breaking that down... I really didn't get it until you spelled it out just now. Hope more people find there way here before they waste 50 certs.

    At least it wasn't as bad as the dude who unlocked the infiltrator auto-rifle :(
  15. TokyoShoe

    I think my new amazing (crappy) revelation regarding the Engineer certifications is that your Ammo Package upgrades only apply to the Ammo Package deployed using the secondary fire mode for the turret.

    It looks like it doesn't apply to the default separate Ammo Package item you have for your Utility Slot.

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