[Suggestion] Strove: Pokes Holes in the PPA

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by strove, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. strove

    Perhaps a buff to Marauder and canister is in order, all im after really is an equalizer of effective range between them.
    and actually if you look up main turret stats, their identical save for the TR have half of the damage because of the dual barrel and the VS projectile is a lil slower but i guess thats the trade off for strafing.
    There's alot to discuss really.
  2. CipherNine

    I don't think I'm rationalizing. Nerfing everything or buffing everything results in everything staying the same. If you buff tank splash damage but also buff infantry flak resistance you simply get back to point from which you started. Same thing with nerfs.
  3. CipherNine

    So if I'm understanding correctly you are saying that players instead of accepting the challenge come to complain on forums, developers appease them and then those players leave because they get bored with winning?
  4. BobSanders123

    Due to it's low muzzle velocity, it already is a little bit harder to use at range, but not to the extent of the marauder or canister.
  5. Jaedrik

    No. I have never personally been annoyed by it as a TR Heavy Assault main.
  6. TheFamilyGhost

    Yes, and worse.
  7. TheFamilyGhost

  8. Xasapis

    You can't simply buff the other two weapons I'm afraid. At least in the case of TR that is not as simple. You will need to heavily nerf the Prowler's main cannon, which still outperforms the other two MBTs, to justify improving the secondaries.

    Then you will need to heavily nerf the Pounders, Falcons and Ravens against infantry and bring them in line with the Vortex/Comets, when talking anti infantry and suppressing fire.

    At this point you can start talking about buffing MBT secondaries and making the playing field level.

    Btw, yesterday I had a 67 to 0 killstreak by using an Amp station Phalanx turret in combination with a shotgun. Do you feel the turrets need a nerf as well because of that?
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  9. strove

    I get your point, theres an argument to be made for every weapon. All im saying right now is that there is a noticable range difference between MBT empire specific secondaries.
  10. a-koo-chee-moya

    So? VS ES Weaponry is supposed to be long range. Would you want to nerf Lancer range in line with the others?
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  11. strove

    Actually the VS traits are low vertical recoil and faster reloads (battries are easier apparently) in exchange for slower muzzle velocity which makes longer ranges the VS weaker point...
  12. a-koo-chee-moya

    You can purchase those, like any faction trait. I'm talking about VS ES weaponry, not clones who differ little besides cosmetically.
  13. Shootybob

    What we have here, is a "failure to counter". I've had massive runs of 60+ with a ppa gunner, but the second a lib entered the area I was done for.

    AP tank/gunners eat magrider/ppa variations. Unlike the other two, the Vanu AI gun has literally zero effect against enemy armor, which means chasing them down and killing them, or at the very least pushing them back is effective. At equal levels, the mag can't stick around, it can't even pretend to.

    I could see drop off being an efficient nerf for this, on top of thematically consistent with plasma balls, but I would propose allowing all MBT's to equip kobalts, which have a very similar functionality.
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  14. vanu123

  15. Hatesphere

    all MBTs can already equip the kobalt for AI work, I just dont see it very often for some reason, even though its just as effective at nailing targets at range as the PPA (sometimes better when there is little cover) it even has a faster TTK. I'm usually more scared of a good kobalt gunner then I am of a PPA honestly. since its practically a low COF AR with little recoil and a100+ round mag in some cases.
  16. Ownasaurusrex

    It would be cool to make PPA have 10 shots and a toggle fire mode: charge up all 10 shots as one huge AI BFG round.

    And for gods sake make the canister a ground based AirHammer. I rarely use Nc except for reaver and aegis raven max, but I am sure this will attract people to tank on NC if they get a ground hammer
  17. vanu123

    NO CHARGE UPS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. Hatesphere

    pretty sure giving the canister a rework is part of one of the next few QOL updates. the PPA as well since Higgles says its too boring and not interesting enough for a VS weapon (skill floor is to low). the canister becoming a ground hammer is rather likely.
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  19. Shootybob

    Goes to show how often I view the available weapons. Kobalt being available makes PPA OP complaints invalid.

    Any further reduction in PPA clip size would make the weapon very unusable
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  20. Hatesphere

    It doesn't make the complaints completely unfounded, it just shows people are going about it wrong by wanting more nerfs. If PPA is doing about as well as the kobalt (the NS AI for every MBT) the perhaps there is something wrong with the other two in that respect, not the other way around.