Still no afterburner certs?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by IamnotAmazing, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. IamnotAmazing

    With the new weapons in place on the test server, I figured that there would also be an afterburner cert line as the first half of the update seems to be focuses on primaries, and the seconds half seems to be focused on secondaries and misc. stuff like lockon changes etc.

    Why do we not have afterburner certs? They would prove much more viable and I think another option to make them more viable would be to only have afterburners when the user has equipped ab pods, and they don't get the little bit of afterburners when using rocketpods. I mean you had the time to design and somewhat balance three new weapons yet you can't put in a few lines of code and some ui changes to add a cert line for ab pods? I understand you are very busy but come on.
  2. Torok

    If we don't see it in the next Test server patch then we can say for sure it won't make it live with the ESF update, maybe later on
  3. DeadliestMoon

    Seriously? Why don't you apply for a job at SOE and do it yourself if you think it's that easy.
  4. Andy79

    what could the cert line(s) be ?

    longer duration / faster recharge or maybe stronger effect

    why not
  5. Flapatax

    You know what, I hope they do make a cert line.

    I hope the 1000 cert tier makes the afterburners as effective as they are right now.

    That would be both 1) hilarious and 2) just, considering the delusional self-entitlement of this thread.
  6. Fang7.62

    Unlike new weps, AB tanks are already in the game for free, nobody has to spend a penny to get them so.. thats the reason why are they last in develpment i guess.
  7. IamnotAmazing

    You're missing the point. In the "What we have planned for the esf update thread:" made by soe they specifically mentioned making ab pods more viable. Removing them all together unless ab pods are equipped would help that and making what they are now the stock option. Then the cert options would increase capacity or decrease cooldown like andy said.

    I come across with self entitlement in this thread because we were specifically promised this, and I pay money for this game.

  8. Flapatax

    The mentioned it, they promised nothing. All roadmap stuff is subject to change and reprioritization, I personally wouldn't mind if they halted all game updates until continental locking was expedited, but even as a paying member I don't feel entitled to demand it.

    Also, afterburners? I would find it personally offensive if they put more than 2 man hours into that over almost literally anything else.
  9. commandoFi

  10. Naterian

    Wow there is a lot of stupid in this thread.

    One of the most important changes about the ESF update was the certable afterburner tanks but I guess they can't make money off those! LOW PRIORITY.

    It would not take long at all to implement it...hell it's already implemented when the server lags like **** and I get unlimited afterburner.

    Some of you would just take it while lying down.
  11. Torok

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  12. SNAFUS

    I look forward to when the devs realized they goofed again by only giving superior vertical thrust to fuel pods. Just wait when everyone is stuck with a 75% vertical thrust reduction except the fuel pod jocks. Think new or bad pilots have it hard now? Just wait till the Aces using fuel tanks are doing circles around them.
  13. Vortok

    I would imagine part of the delay is deciding exactly what they want the cert line to do, not whether or not they're gonna implement it. In the Command Center video Higby more or less said they were still talking about what the exact effects of the cert line will be.

    Put it this way. Right now hover AB is nerfed on the test server. If they put in a cert line that (when fully certed) restored it to live levels it'd be all fine and dandy. Except if they change the hover AB around some more because PTR is PTR. If they test out a different value for the hover AB thrust they then have to go and change the fuel pod cert line again. Or if they set it back to live values then having extra boost power included in the cert line would make hover AB even stronger than it is on live.

    Not only is it extra work (sounds like an easy change, but we're not the ones coding stuff so hard to say for sure), it can just complicate things and draw focus away from what they're trying to test at the moment (aka, viability of ESFs that wouldn't be using that fuel pod cert line).
  14. Pixelshader

    I really want to play around with new AB tanks on the pts.
  15. Daikar

    You are an impatient child.
    They said they are going to add the ESF updates in several updates so not everything will be there at once.
    It's there now on PTR but you prolly have something new you can't wait a week for.
  16. Eclipson

    They are already implemented, at least in the VR. If you look at the description, the after burner tanks are fully certed to level 5 already, just like everything else in the VR.
  17. IamnotAmazing

    That post was made before that was implemented, I like that they added them. I would also like to see cert lines for increased speed (over the stock ab pods). There could be other lines such as efficiency or even more capacity over the 80 percent bump, but those seem less useful ideas.

    I know they said it was going to be in several updates, and I have been waiting for the second half or third or whatever with no whining. I just figured that with the new secondary weapons they would add that cert line to take care of all secondary options in one sweep. I am not a little whiny six year old and I have patience, that post was made before SOE added the cert line.