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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kingfury4, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Kingfury4

    I just bought some Station cash, I'm still pretty new to Planetside 2, so I am wondering what would be the best to buy with my Station Cash, I play Vanu (incoming hate)

    Forgot to add, 1000 Station Cash.
  2. Big Cyz

    Giraffe armor camo and a zephyr for the lib :)
  3. Brobasaur

    er, ignore the giraffe camo bit from the guy above. If you only have a 1000 to spend go with the anti-air package that is up today or the zephyr if you plan on flying the liberator alot. Though I think the anti-air is a better deal in the long run. You might have better luck just holding onto it though till we see another package.
  4. Kingfury4

    I think I'll wait.
  5. RF404

    Yeah, you should wait. There is a big patch coming in January which probably will contain a bit of rebalancing, so you should wait so you can avoid buying something that is recommended to you now but will end up getting nerfed real soon.

    Another good thing about holding on to your cash is that you can keep your eyes open for new and better weekly bundles.
    Bundles will usually give you weapons+bonus goodies for the best prices, but you need to wait for one that contains a lot of thing you want. However, with a little luck you might find a bundle that offers 4-5 good weapons and some vanity stuff for as little as 1000 SC, which is a bit better than only getting 1 and a half weapon if you buy them regular cost.

    And the AA bundle that is offered this week is a bit "so-so" IMO, so wait for something else than that.
  6. Cloudayo

    What do you play the most/see yourself playing the most?
  7. Kingfury4

    I play Light Assault the most.
  8. DJPenguin

    your faction's fastest firing carbine imo.
  9. Cloudayo

    The stock LA rifle is pretty good, maybe spend the SC on some vehicle weapons or maybe even the manticore pistol as our beamer is just so god awful.
  10. siiix

    but keep in mind they give you the incorrect rocket launcher, they included the anti vehicle , not the anti air

    but if you change your mind i'm sure customer service would exchange the rocket launcher later ... OR just keep the anti vehicle if you like that

    ALSO you can just wait always till stuff you need is 50% off, than you can get 3 guns with 1000 SC ... there is also a free 170SC available from sony if you get a little bit short

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