[Guide] Stalker - 4kdr on average in this playstyle only

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    You wanna be annoying cloaking clown what nobody respect, what to do?

    Loadout tips:

    1) You have only 2 implants: catlike 5 and sensor shield 4+. This is not a subject to discuss, this 2 implants is must have, pick them or keep dying. No deep operative or ammo printer or whatever **** you have in mind.

    2) Always crouchwalk while you in 50m proximity of enemy players.

    3) Motion spotter is better. It faster to place, it stronger, it can bait. Majority of players stay still while aim to ms, exposing themselves for initiating headshot.

    4) Consider to keep using chameleon module in suit slot, it's been made for newbies, but it goddamn OP and no i am talking not about 20% energy, no shimmer effect makes you really hard to track, never run in straight line if you already been attacked, zigzag and jump, zigzag again, make weird, unpredictable 180 degree turns and suddenly just crouch+freeze, don't even move your camera, done, they lost you, keep crouching away to avoid flashlights.

    5) Most badass infils use CQC bolt-action sr. Most badass stalkers - blackhand.

    Blackhand is masterpiece, it's pocket semi-auto battle rifle. Short guide of usage: Start with headshot and quickly finish target with bodyshot, don't wait, compensate recoil manually. 200ms lag compens 250ms human average reaction = ~450ms to kill without responce, your refire time is faster.

    Behavior tips:

    1) Never ambush Heavy AssSalts especially if they wear auraxium plates untill you get gud. When time is come you will know.

    2) Never decloak, even if you think what noone near you. Otherwise that will lead to embarrassing deaths from above or being rammed by harraser, also cloaking and decloaking sounds are very VERY loud, especially NC and VS ones, if enemy have situational awareness > 0 then you already ded. Patience is you ally.

    3) Speaking of harrasers and other ground vechicles, always consider them as wallhackers, if you see one - be sure he will try to ram you and he always can say what these was by accident LOL.

    4) Change position after each kill, usually it is a good idea to run for full energy bar away and when you turn around you will see why.

    5) If you have a duel with other stalker, you only need to know one rule: the guy who make the first step has already lost

    Congratulations, everyone hate you.

    forgot the most important one - DO NOT TOUCH "Q" BUTTON

    After making this guide i realise what people should just trust to my words and i actually have no evidence on my hands. So i decide to play this entire evening as stalker only. Here is my result, to be honest i didn't expect what i can reach so high kdr on such long distance. Ofc i have long killstreaks from time to time, but today i tried really hard and get this. So as you can see, it's pretty damn efficient stat padding strategy, unfortinatly i didn't record whole 400min, just have some clips what i probably compile in to something with adequate lenght, someday.

    [IMG]https://imgur.com/a/crHDkT6 (really struggle to add images in to this forum)

    Everyone tells me what KDR is nothing, only KPM is matter. I no longer care about kpm since i started to left my char afk for entire night while i am going to sleep (to harvest iso and certs from allerts, no macros or scripts included, all natural)

    Also while i play any video game i make a lot of tea breaks, i can lay down on my sofa for 10-20min just to rest a bit, or i can alt+tab to my browser and watch some Minecraft letsplay... and be sure all these shenanigans happened during this 400min game session. So it's not 0.35 kills per min, it's ~0.5, still pathetic, still don't care. I know how to play this game, i know how to shotoff heads, but my pc specs holds me from being MLG player. It's really hard to compete with other heavy assaults while you have 45fps on average in ~24vs24 fights especially if you RPM depends on your FPS, for example if you both have same weapon, but you have less fps than your opp then your gun will shot slower, significantly.

    PlanetSalt is a game where you playing stalker or get ready to be farmed by vechicle/esf main over and over again. If you somehow endure this and "get gud' you will quickly realise how many collision modifiers and wallhackers in this game.

    DingDingDing - all headshots, keep calm and report ****ter. But does it help? No.

    You think you safe, you hide in the corner behind console with your trusty autoshotty, there is a spitfire turret, you have a plan - when someone enters the room he will see spitfire and be distracted by it, as soon as you hear him shooting you will turn the corner and slaughter this poor guy. Reality is - dude enters the room, completely ignore spitfire turret, slide to your console and instagib you with pump shotgun before even appearing on your screen. You been cloaked by minor cloak... but this guy know exactly where you are.

    You may sit in random corner with minor cloak and your trusty autoshotty, you checked what there is no motion spotters nearby. Same dude running next to you and SUDDENLY, been lead by PURE intuition decides to pull his pistol and check that exact corner with his flashlight, he gets rekt, now you know what his wallhack doesn't show to him your loadout, he expect another stalker, another "free kill", not today.

    Another day, another life, you had a trashtalk with some suspicious guy, he for some reason always try to sneak behind you, once again he didn't expect minor cloaked heavy with his trusty autoshotty. When he finally kills you (after 4 failed attempts), you decide to hide in typical wall's tower, you make sure what noone saws you by simply cuting possible vision angles. 8 mins later. Enemies finally found and destroy your sunderer, attack has been repeled. But wait! Someone spam V7 V7 "I APPRECIATE YOUR ASSISTANCE" "NEED ASSISTANCE". This dude stands right next to you, so he is very loud, but there is one nuance - you both devided by thin metal wall of this tower. "What the fock?" you thinks. Then this guy start to stabbing the wall and many months later you realise what he have a chance to actually kill you though wall, because knifes can do this in this game. He knows where are you, but he been killed by you, so he also knows what it is risky to just walk towarrds you.

    Few months later you spot him again, just to double check you decide to ignore everyone else and shot only him, from far away, achieved few assistance, trashtalk again, wait. 10 seconds later the storm of bullets crush upon your cover, it's him, suppressing you, to show what he knows where are you, he have no chance to hit you, cause you completely obscured by cover, but you start to realise what he just likes to demonstrate his power to others.

    Esamir, early morning. You saw some weird MAX which stands in spawn room and shots everyone. One of his hands - burster, so it is clearly a noob with default max loadout. But when he decide to shot at you, your *** quickly realise what something is wrong with him. Checking his stats, killboard, kills: ~100 headshot kills in a row. Some incredible headshot ratio at every gun, even with FREAKING BURSTER. So Pro. Much Skill.

    And i have a lot of stories like this. I admit what i can make some mistakes in my decisions becuase i am only human, but this stories about peoples what stupid enough to create situations in which it would be impossible to justify them through in-game mechanics such as detection, sound signature etc. Who knows how many of them use it more "wisely". When you realise what is possible you cannot stop calling every good player a cheater, how could you know it is legit death or not?

    Thats the main reason of playing stalker, this is the reliable way of being sure what is ******** and what is not. Sad but true. I am dissapointed not in planetside but in whole competetive gaming scene. No matter what game is it, you always can find at least scripts or semihacks. In dota 1 we had maphack, in dota 2 we are not, but there is a hack what informs you about being in vision of enemy team simply copying ultimate ability of one hero and apply it to every hero in the game, this provides you not full, but comparable advantage. Counterstrike filled with hackers, minecraft pvp servers too. Even in tarkov there is always some ******** happens in labs. This list is endless. I wish to see humanity different. But only feel despair.
  4. PlanetBound

    You are really talking about the Hunter infiltrator. Stalker can use only a handgun, no shotgun or bolt action rifle.
  5. Danko

    I think he's talking about the Minor Cloak Implant, and using it in other classes.

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