[Suggestion] Special alert when the continent opens

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  1. RabidIBM

    A new continent opening is usually preceded by a continent closing at the end of an alert. When an alert ends many players go on a 5 minute break. It sucks to come back from a 5 minute break to find out that an important and hard to re-take base fell while most people were afk. My suggestion gives something to do while folks are on break, prevents the lines from changing in that time, ensures that someone gets purple resource, and adds a bit of punctuation to the game.

    The Suggestion:
    Start a King of the Hill event at the start of a continent, with only the center lane open and the center base starting as neutral. Because it is neutral the capture clock only moves forward, but can change faction, thus base steals remain available until the final second.

    Once someone owns the center base, THEN unlock the rest of the map (or as much as needed for the current population), and throw on a 20 minute timer in case of a stalemate. If the 20 minute timer lapses with nobody capturing the center base then the map unlocks anyways.

    What do folks think? Would this be fun?
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  2. melioa

    i would prefer it if they did not try to mess with the game any more, and wish they would stop locking continents. just like it used to be. :D
  3. RabidIBM

    I do get the sentiment, many changes in the last few years haven't been good. However some amount of updating is always required to freshen things up, otherwise the game gets stale and we lose all of our population. That, and the game is not really in an ideal state, so change is needed.

    As for leaving all continents open, that was questionable back when we had 3, we now have 5 and less population per server.