Sometimes I just want to relax and hunker down behind cover, and occasionally shoot at 12 oclock.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OSruinedPS1, Jan 20, 2023.

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  1. OSruinedPS1

    Why is it a rule in FPS games you gotta be running around like a chicken with your head cut off all the time, zigzag lag exploit all the time, have 120 fps so you have 0.2 seconds to react all the time, and take a drag off the crack pipe to stay competitive? Ya know sometimes you gotta just put the crack pipe down and relax, the human body isn't designed for constant stress. Constant stress makes the exciting parts less exciting.

    We need relaxed defensive play but that's impossible when every building has 4 entrances and 5 windows, when cloakers can just walk right through your line, when light assault can just fly above your line, when galaxies can deploy behind your line, when cloakers can hack terminals deploy a spawn beacon and spawn an army of tanks behind your lines, when infantry can just walk over mines or walk by spitfires, when someone can right click on a map and clear out all spitfires and claymores and anti-tank mines within a 100 meter radius.

    You know what's fun? Having an actual front-line. Random melee's are not fun. Random melees got boring in the mid 1990's. Can we move on from Quake 1 random melees and get a little more intellectual with our tactics?
  2. Liewec123

    Sounds like Nasons is for you, 90% of the map population all at one base,
    all shooting at doorways for 2 hours, noone making any progress.

    Personally I can't stand these types of engagements!
    I want to pull light assault and push push push!

    I get what you mean about PS2, you do need to be wired, giving it 120%, There is no relaxation.
    That's kinda why I only play once a week now, but when I do play, I want action!
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  3. JibbaJabba

    You don't seem to like being flanked. :)

    I think what you want:
    • Here is a fire lane. It's yours.
    • Here is all the ammo you want (thanks engie!)
    • Free rezzes if you die (thanks medic!)
    • Here are some recon darts to tell you when to fire (thanks infil)
    • Nobody will flank you, or if they do you'll be told. If you get overwhelmed just say so and help will come. (thanks assaults!)
    • You just pop heads of everyone coming through that lane ok?
    If so, Join a pointhold outfit.

    It will not be "relaxed defensive play" though. For that, maybe try a PvE game?
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  4. BengalTiger

    What Jibba said, join an outfit, coordinate so all approaches are covered, volunteer to guard the upper end of a staircaes and plant an engy turret.

    In case of a zerg it may take even 3 engy turrets to make sure everyone's mowed down before they get all the way up, just sayin'.
  5. Demigan

    You can do it right? For example grab a Sunderer and repair/re-arm friendly vehicles. You dont have to be fast or exhaustive in how you pursue that. You can also repair MAX’s. Place a spitfire near the most likely entrance so it can warn you. Gives you plenty of space to quietly repair and only occasionally beat some flanker over the head.

    You could also be the one protecting your allies. Take any type of infil and watch the entrances, either from a distance with a sniper or up close with a pistol stalker or SMG+recon equipment. Just sit there, take your time while lazily watching the radar and entrance. Then rip anyone apart that dares do this flanking. Your teammates likely will never know you are doing it for them but will enjoy the safety you provide nonetheless.
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  6. OSruinedPS1

    Sounds like I am in the majority.

    Even at Nasons when we own the base there are cloakers, light assaults, air-dropped infantry, or spawning from light beams appearing so frequently I spend a majority of the time sitting in the center in a sunderer shooting a kobalt at the tops of buildings. There are more targets appearing behind you than in front of you. It's lame.
  7. OSruinedPS1

    There are no "flanks", it's all a random melee.
  8. JibbaJabba

    I assure you I flank people. I do not random them.
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  9. OSruinedPS1

    IF there is a front, flank, and rear why do enemies equally show up in random directions?
  10. JibbaJabba

    If you have really bad map awareness it may appear random to you.

    I can't paste an exact time so please self-forward to the 14:19 moment in this video. Hope it helps.

    Edit: Also at 6:38 those being flanked may feel how you describe. "That guy just came from a random direction!".
  11. OSruinedPS1

    I'll speak slower so you can understand:
  12. Demigan

    Well if you always look in the wrong direction that is true. Situational awareness is not optional.
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  13. JibbaJabba

    I give up being nice.

    I pulled up a resource I know of that helps with this. Gave you specific examples.

    Now you insult.

    So how about this.

    If more people come behind you than in front then you are facing the wrong direction. You are facing the wrong direction because you suck.

    Nothing is random. There are reasons. You are just too stupid to see them.

    So talk as slow as you want. Do it from your death screen.

    I don't care. And I don't wish you good luck. Suffer.
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  14. OSruinedPS1

    You're idea of a "front line" is: "Oh the enemy is here, that's the front. Oh look, the enemy deployed a spawn beacon behind me, now behind me is the front. Oh look, the enemy deployed a galaxy spawn point on my right, now that's the front. Oh looky, enemy cloakers behind me, now behind me is the front. Oh looky, a galaxy just dropped 10 infantry on my left flank, now that's the front."

    You're idea of a front line is something that changes every 90 seconds.
  15. OSruinedPS1

    I'm getting more Planetside 1 dejavu I had with a forum troll back in 2006.
  16. Shadowpikachu

    Unaware in the game, unaware in the forums.
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  17. OSruinedPS1

    Financial failure of a game in 2022 for same reasons financial failure in 2006.
  18. Somentine

    Considering the PS franchise has run for around two decades and made enough to fund other projects, I think you are a little off base.
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  19. OSruinedPS1

    Oh looky, the pop has been reduced to 250 per side, and Wrel wants to drop it to 200 per side. Now either the technology to have 500 players per server has been lost to Grey aliens like the Apollo rocket technology, or this game is a financial failure and they're cutting costs.
  20. Shadowpikachu

    I dont get it, if the old game failed then why is 'do a lot of base things the same' the answer??

    Shouldn't it be new, something built off of what we know, rather than giving the few people attached to the old ways a way to enjoy the game they loved back then in a mutilated half implimented form?
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