Something wonky with ESF acceleration

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Negator, May 20, 2014.

  1. Negator

    Cant pin it down, but sometimes while maneuvering i get this 'stuck in molasses' feeling where it takes foooooooooooooorreeeeevvvver to accelerate. Ideas?
  2. Laners

    It's the scythe converting out of hover mode. I know what you mean, it took me a while to find out myself since the scythe has no visual indicator.
  3. Rhumald

    I always use a little bit of my afterburners to help the transition, just make sure you've started moving forward before you tap them.
  4. gregfox89

    You can roll or pitch down to use gravity to fall faster and help give yourself some momentum (you fall really fast when you're sideways and braking, or looking straight down)
  5. DarthSpectrum

    It happens to me too after entering hover mode with E(Analogue Throttle). I find ether double tapping W (Accelerate), or tapping shift (AB), helps along with the process.
  6. Reavx

    Let me give you the solution.
    Its obviously you coming out of hover mode.

    Pitching down while coming out of hover mode makes hover last longer reducing acceleration.
    Pitching up reduces time of hover mode increasing acceleration.

    Game mechanic wise this is due to the engines tipining vertical to horizontal(no visiual indicator for scythe).
    In games actual mechanics the tipping is fixed on the vertical radial that you started the acceleration maneuver and not the aircraft..
    Thus allowing you to abuse the mechanics.

    This is why we can reverse maneuver.
    If they fixed the point to the aircraft instead it would no longer be possible to do it for any length of time as afterburner and normal flying would always take it out of hover mode after a few sec.
    (basically revese maneuver is simply forcing the engines to stay down by abusing the mechanics)

    Ill add in that what counts is the vertical of the aircraft and not the sky.