[Suggestion] Some suggestions on "Darklight"

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DCWarHound, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. DCWarHound

    As an infiltrator main, i feel that darklight is just a bit too powerful.
    1)cloaked Infiltrators that are moving can already be seen pretty easily with the naked eye up to medium range.
    2)cloaked infiltrators can be tracked with the motion spotter (thus making an area a no go zone unless you have patience and stalker or if you can take it out)

    3)Cloaked infiltrators can be clearly seen with darklight even when not moving.

    Below i have a few suggestions that i would just like an opinion on to combat out biggest weakness.Please pick the numbers you agree with, you can choose multiple numbers unless you pick number 1 or 9.

    1)Darklight is fine as is
    2)Only certain classes should have access to darklight
    3)Only a very limited number of weapons should have access to darklight
    4)The area of darklight should be nerfed
    5)The range of darklight should be nerfed
    6)Darklight should only work on stalker infiltrators
    7)Darklight should only work on hunter and nano armor cloaking
    8)Darklight should only work at night
    9)Darklight should be removed
  2. DarkStarII

    10) The bugs need to be fixed.
  3. Campagne

    1, maybe 3 depending on what weapons were chosen.
  4. cobaltlightning

    The point of the darklight is to counter infiltrators, which is a class that can indeed engage in close quarters, kill a target, then hide in plain sight. It's just like the Archer countering MAXes, or Bursters countering Aircraft.

    As for your number 3 suggestion, I can only really suggest using a Darklight on pistols, anyway: With the range the Darklight must be used when infil hunting, you're already limited to close-quarters, where most pistols do their best (And commissioner will execute infils with a headshot at these ranges). Putting a Darklight on a primary is a waste of a rail slot.
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  5. RedArmy

  6. Moz

    2 and 3 for me. HA's should not have access! Maybe limit darklight to side arms?

    With the current state of cloak (stupidly visible) dark light should be A LOT more limited.
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  7. CuteBeaver

    I do like the limited to sidearms idea.... but even so most people carry a COMMY / UBOSS and all it takes is one good headshot to end you. The reality is we play Heavyside 2, so even under the best circumstances your still facing down someone with significantly more hp and firepower. Epecially if the Darklights on a primary weapon. However some infils do run SMG's and CQC snipers, or scouts.

    Regardless when an enemy whips out a darklight (even for no reason - just by mistake) for the next few moments everyone around them will be on alert. The light itself broadcasts a clear msg to infantry who otherwise may not be communicating your presence. You can't change the fact it exists, and will continue to be our counter (at least for stalkers significantly) . However you can choose to pull back and avoid a confrontation. Remember after an enemy "sweeps" the area they are going to feel safer and that assumption creates an advantage for you to sneak back in and get revenge. Make a mini game of remembering who it was that pulled out the darklight so you can take them down.


    If I could wish for just ONE change.....

    I would LOVE for cover objects to break the light beam so we can hide and re-position once the enemy passes. I think if we could break line of sight and frogger the search attempts you would find darklight to be a lot less frustrating... (dare i say even fun to avoid).... but as it currently stands Darklight just goes through all walls and is kinda lame. Yes the Darklight adds another layer of depth to the game giving us a counter but its also a one sided implementation which punishes the stealth user in frustrating ways.
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  8. PWGuy93

    but playing multiple classes to get more out of the game, I'd be for adding darklight as attachments to the placed engineer auto-turrets.;)

    When I play stalker infiltrator dark lights are a pain, but then strategy kicks in - I know where they swept to look for me, I now know where to place proximity mines for when they return.
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  9. SarahM

    Using darklight makes people stand out like sore thumbs (esp. in night fights) and someone whipping out darklight is a good indicator for laying low a little longer before going in.
  10. oTec

    1, it's good as it is. Pesky stalkers.

    And also, this shoud be the motto of the NC xD

  11. customer548

    Do your often meet opponents who carry Darlight ?
    As an infi, i rarely have to face one of those guys (1 or 2 times a week). (Maybe i'm just more lucky than you are). When i do, they are easy targets to prioritize. Most of the times, the guy will keep on quickly looking on his right-left rather than realizing that you may face him.

    If you're a sniper infi, it may be better to avoid the fight. Or to retreat in order to wait for the guy in a more favorable angle/spot. And you should always have your mines around for covering your retreat, if you're camping.

    Darklight is a more real problem for stalkers. I don't play stalker. But i think that the glitch is a nice one. It highlights the fact that a guy is coming for you. You can see it through walls. Removing the glitch would perhaps make stalkers' life harder, i guess. And the most reactive stalkers will be gone when a guy with a darklight will enter the room.
    Also, camping stalkers can be a pain in terms of time lost. Playing hide-and-seek during 15 minutes with a single stalker who will just half flip a point is just boring for his opponents. They need effective tools to prevent it.
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  12. breeje

    darklights meh, the last one looking for me with a darklight i killed five times in a row until he left
    when i did see he was not coming back i texted him "come back and leave me some ammo":D

    the trick is to wait until his back is turned to you, now don't hesitate run shoot and knife
    it will not work every time but it works 8 out of 10 times for me
    i even do it to engi's repairing a max, when the max understands what just happened i be around the first corner
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  13. Armcross

    Be a better infil.
  14. CrossFitForLifeBRAH

    I spend more time playing infil than any other class and don't think there's anything wrong with the current state as an attachment. I rarely feel it's the reason I'm spotted and when hunting an infiltrator as ha/la/engi/medic it's not all that often the reason I spot and kill an infil. As a player who loves both smg cqc hipfire dunking and busting heads at range with rifles both scout and sniper, I feel it wouldn't be near as fun if most of the numbered suggestions where employed. I'm not at all trying to say anyone's opinions aren't valid but, would hate to see what I feel is a class that's strengths are largely under estimated in a lot of situations become a class that is too easy to play. Am I the only infil player that thinks were already kinda OP but, is fine with most of the forum QQ's being launched at the heavy assult's direction?
  15. Spoprockl

    I too think this is all that needs to change.

    At the very least change it so that it can't highlight people through solid walls.
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  16. Azawarau

    I stalker cloak alot and dont have any issues with the flashlight so im going to go for 1

    In most situations ive found myself fighting off someone using the flashlight on their secondary weapon so it was a relatively even battle
  17. Keidranex

    Only change I would do it give it a battery (that recharges when not in use), or change how obvious the cloaker is based off cloak being used (dimmer for hunter/nano, brighter for stalkers). Other than that, I'd say it's fine, just disappointing when seeing it on a primary (flattering if it's on there because of you).
  18. OwlMatt

    As others have said above, the only thing that needs to be fixed is that the flashlight works through solid objects. Anything that can stop a bullet should also stop the flashlight. Otherwise, it's fine.
  19. Plastikfrosch

    3) only for sidearms or if primaries still should have it there should be a restriction for shotguns. its funny when you are the only stalker in a hostile base and they come after you with darklight/shotgun wielding HAs and perhaps a Max unit as reinforcement.