SOE... What HAPPENED to Hossin?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cyridius, May 11, 2013.

  1. Cyridius

    I'm surprised nobody has really picked up on this.

    Hossin, the most important change that would have come to PlanetSide 2 in terms of progressing metagame, providing crucial new content, and introduction of new facilities such as the Interlink.

    This was a huge deal. Why was this pushed to unscheduled? We were told this would be ready for around this time period, and we accepted that because we understood it would take time to build.

    Now we can't even have continent locks. We're stuck in perpetual Team Deathmatch. We're getting a lattice with no purpose(Honestly, while I'm all for it, what will a lattice actually change? And remember I posted this thread months back - ). And it's all because we don't have Hossin.

    Where have the development resources went? SOE's new generic F2P MMO(Dragon's Prophet, btw)? Making instanced maps for MLG?

    This is, frankly, horrible. I play this game. A lot. I've put a lot of money into this game. I've given a lot of detailed input on how I would see things go. Am I always right? Obviously not. But, truthfully, I'm appalled at how this game has been handled in this regard. Hossin was the single most important piece of content we had coming to us, what possibly could have diverted this from us? Yes, maybe the physical continent itself was not that important. But the metagame it could allow to be developed was.

    We're half way through May, people. We were unpleasantly surprised when the Roadmap came out and we saw Hossin months down the line. At least many of us were. Now we're passed the due date and... Nothing. It was pushed to unscheduled. Not a single peep from anybody about it.

    As much as I appreciate the new cool cosmetics and however much fun the Harasser is and I like the effort being put into the MAX suit - these things are trivial compared to a new continent.

    All I want to know, why was this important change put back? What was produced in its place? It makes no logical sense.
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  2. Skidrow Bro420

    New helmets are more important
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  3. Oreo202

    They're adding lattice to all of the continents and would rather do territories on Hossin only once...
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  4. CrimsonDaemon

    Money. Spending resources making shiny new cod pieces for people to buy is probably more cost efficient than going full steam on a continent they cant charge people for.
  5. DonC

    Too much content scheduled to be released at the time, need to milk it.
  6. Cyridius

    You don't need to make Hossin under one system then convert it into the other. Hossin was already mid-production. It could easily have been designed for the lattice instead of entirely redesigning Indar.

    Lattice is meaningless without an endgame.
  7. DashRendar

    They put out a new helmet and people complain about it. "Couldn't they have spent a little more time on this? It looks like they were in a rush just to get it out" Then down the road it gets fixed after being broken for months. Surely a continent should have come already, what could they possibly be working on?

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  8. Osskscosco

    Because they are releasing the battle flow improvements first which is on test server right now. This way they don't have to make hossin then remake it. But i bet they are working on it already.
  9. Seqea

    "Surely the surgeon should be done already, what the hell is taking him 2 hours?"

    That's what I hear reading this. For the huge system that planetside is, we can't really command the scheduling, because we have a laughable idea of what really goes on in the SOE house.
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  10. Zorro

    The lattice system is in the process of being refined, hence Hossin-in-progress needs to be altered to account for this.
  11. LT_Latency

    What the hell is a hossin
  12. Get2dachoppa

    After years of playing MMOs, there is one thing I've come to expect from game developers. They will always over promise and under deliver.
  13. ENFORC3R

    I want Hossin. The only problem I see is that the queue to get in will be hours long. Because everyone will want to play on the new continent.
  14. Lewbio

    It will probably cause the log-in servers to take a dump again, rendering a 'premium' feature of subscribers of not having to queue as long useless.
  15. Van Dax

    If you check planetside universe you would see that they are constantly adding things to hossin right now, many many many things that are totally new(specifics include things like completely different tree and plant models, a new type of facility and a drawbridge style outpost.) all these things take a long time to do and are very difficult to work in perfectly.
    Think about it this way: there are 64 km^2 of terrain in this game, they have to drive vehicles all over this just to make sure none of the terrain have any physics bugs that would flip the vehicle oddly or some other effect. They have to carefully and continually go over fortifications and hills and mountains and trees to make sure there are enough avenues of attack and that specific weapons will have an advantage but not be too powerful(think ESRLs and stuff).
    They are working hard, and people like you posting nonconstructive posts help nothing.
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  16. Eclipson

    We may be able to get to Hossin faster if people actually came on the PTS and helped test things. THings are being delayed for balancing as they should be on the PTS, but they can't be released because so few people are giving valuable input aside from "nerf it, its to powerful!" and "I don't like this, it sucks". If more the of the community, who begged for this test server, actually used it, the game would probably be advanced past the stage it is currently in. More time is being put into battle flow and balance, which is good, but it is taking so long because we arn't giving the valuable feedback the devs need, which is taking away time that could be spent developing stuff people really want like Hossin.
  17. LT_Latency

    They need to make the test server easier to use.

    You should just be able to pick in the the normal ui if they want more people to use it
  18. Nariquo

    well complaining that noone is on test server is easy for them right.
    1.) for european the server IS LAGGY AS HELL!!!!! you need half a minute to load the map when you press M
    2.) they put the new tutorial in. if you dont klick it away when you take a new char then you will fall through the ground and cant play anymore
    3.) if you klick on the hossing button the game is crashing
    usw usw
    people try to play on the test server and leave after 5 minutes because it is so ******.
    if Soe fix that and if SOE put the download link AT THE MAINPAGE then maybe more people would come testing
  19. Bill Hicks

    this maybe the key. Alot of people have free premium accounts due to loyal soldier. So they are probably waiting until that ends and then the queue for actual premium users will be a nice perk.
  20. Nocturnal7x


    You guys use so many words for such simple answers...