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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TNSxMichael, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. TNSxMichael

    So I had 1.9k WDS I was so close to get the tier 3 reward but after the infl patch i was complatly unable to play the game for more then half min , I was getting client crash every 10 sec (I send you a ticket and all I got back was the
    "Thank you for contacting Customer Support. I am sorry to hear that your game is crashing. There are some troubleshooting measures you can take to try to fix this. For more information on these troubleshooting steps, please refer to the section of the following article which mentions game crashes"
    and then a link the the question-answers thing that was complatly useless to me
    I tried to do a file check and ever reinstalled the game and still getting crashs ( keep in mind that ive been playing perfectly fine befor this update for over 2 months)
    so now I have 2 problems : first is that I cant play the game for more then 10 sec
    and the second is that there is a new WDS week now ( and all the points are gone) and i as unable to get the tier 3 reward i worked so hard for
    so SOE what should I do ? quit the game i already put money to ?
  2. TNSxMichael

  3. Scientiarum

    If you read the WDS rewards are a weekly thing, they will be resetting the WDS points weekly. Beside, unless you are very lucky most people get pretty useless stuff from those rewards.

    As for the crashing that is unfortunate.
  4. TNSxMichael

    Ive worked my *** of the last week to get the 2k WDS to see if im lucky enough to get some camos or a golden SMG
    I was so close to get it I think i had like 1960 or around that WDS points befor the update all there was left to do is to cap or deff few bases and I was unable to do that (not because I didnt wanted to) but because of those crashes as you see around the forum Im not the only one who have been having this problem after the update
  5. teks

    Im not really seeing too many people with this problem. If you can drop the wds thing and provide details we can help.
  6. TNSxMichael

    lets leave the WDS
    now after the infl update (13.2.14 i think) I was unable to play the game more then 10 secounds , as soon as i press log in and after the load my client crash after like 5-10 secounds , ive tried to reinstall the game and do a file check and also i send a ticket to the support but nothing is helping
  7. halfchaos

    Help requires time, and time requires money. Sony has neither. Their tech support is probably just a script bot giving automated replies.
  8. TNSxMichael

    k , seems like while the game is in window mode and minimized it doesnt crash but as soon im clicking on it it crashes