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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zrag123, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Zrag123

    How do we increase our gain on cert points? I feel like this game is on the heavy side of pay to win.
  2. broodlapin

    learn how to fly.
  3. Shivalyn

    Shoot stuff. Lots of stuff. First purchase (with certs or $$) should be rocket pods, and then you'll have no more cert problems.
  4. M4r3ch4L

    like the 70% of the players: snipe&camp or learn to fly
  5. Xasapis

    There is so much anti-air atm, learning to fly an ESF is an exercise in frustration. By all means OP, follow the advice of the clueless and spend your time running around on your feet waiting for the cooldown of your fighter to expire.
  6. Mightylink

    Be an engineer, drop an ammo pack in front of sunderers and weapon consoles... profit.

    Thats the biggest issue with this game, its too much of a grind, I see most players doing anything they can to get certs instead of properly helping their team, for the most part I see nobody likes to defend and in rare cases I've seen teams letting each other capture bases for faster cert points, and as I said engineers are putting ammo packs where most players run across instead of where they need it the most.

    They are catching players running back to the weapon console to resupply which doesn't help at all because they resupply there anyway, they only put the ammo packs there for the xp gain, not to provide any ammo v_v
  7. MNO

    I saw the title and instantly knew it was someone who was getting slow cert gain. I was going to give you tips until I read "waah pay 2 win".

    Good luck bro.
  8. Roobarb


    And although I hate to say it, follow the zerg. Support classes have the best time amongst the zerg, whether you're engi or medic.
  9. Xasapis

    I checked your stats and ... well, they're weird. You've almost killed 1k VS maxes and only 35 TR maxes? What did our poor things did to you, cruel NC? And on my server too, bah.

    Also OP, participating in defense, even the hopeless ones, grands more exp/cert than most offenses, especially offenses directed vs empty bases.
    Waiting for bases to cap = less cert.
    Whenever you can deploy to any hot zone you can find. I'd prioritize defense over offense, but it's also up to your mood, you may want to attack something instead of constantly defending.

    Also depending on class, if you're support as me, don't go solo and don't go first. Well, unless you do suicide mining or C4 runs or other things that grand death with benefits.

    Also if you can afford the cash, that 25-50% bonus from premium membership piles up considerably the more you play. Personally I'd rather have that, than just straight buy weapons and upgrades. At least this way it feels like I've earned them.
  10. SharpLight

    Give me the tips then :)

    Here is some tips I found:
    * Find someone who can fly and go with them on bombing runs.
    * Get a Sunderer with a mobile station, you get xp every time someone spawns.
    * When taking over a base change into HA and destroy all turrets & terminals, then when you capture the base change to Engineer and fix them up.
    * When people are spamming a spawn point change into a medic and Revive/Heal others.
    * Log in while the population is low and ghost cap bases.
  11. Mietz

    ESF Rocketpods - good farm, you just need to get used to controls
    Engineer + Sunderer - You get spawn XP + resupply XP + repair XP
    Medic + biolab camp - Healing has no cooldown, just spam it everywhere, resurrect farm
    vehicle zerg + spawncamp - just shoot things at the energy shield when they pass through it
  12. dooder

    Learn to teamplay...
  13. MNO

    Check half of your friends. It's a beta API. Apparently my friend has 0 deaths and 3000 kills even though he dies more than I do, or look at players like Delrith.

    Ghost capping is ****. Utterly. Sunderer is also generally bad exp, 2-4 exp per spawn, think it's bugged too, used to get the 15 or so exp when they got a kill, but I haven't had that for over a week. Liberator is good certs but you have to really do it on your factions dominant continent where you control the air, and in peak time, otherwise there won't be enough targets to profit.

    If you have rocket pods, take out base turrets, one volley and a bit of nosegun and its down, doing it as HA is a waste of time. I don't really like repairing, it takes too long for the exp you get.

    Take your Inf and hack an AA gun on an enemy tower close to the frontline, sit and wait for their ESF's to come and repair. Easy kills.

    Go HA and rock heads.

    Go LA and camp an enemy tower, sit above the doors.

    Go dual AA max and dominate the skies.

    Medic in a full squad, get a lot of revives.

    The best certs really is just going for kills, aim for the head for the bonus headshot exp which really adds up.
  14. Xasapis

    Sunderer exp is a bit overestimated. You need 50 people to spawn in your sunderer to get exp/cert equal to killing one person. It's a bonus for sure, and it justifies the cost to buying the sunderer module. However, it doesn't justify the anti-social behavior some people demonstrate by killing sunderers so they put their own.

    As for ESFs, they have the highest skill cap atm in the game. When you become good, you'll do better than running around on foot. However, for the couple first weeks you'll be spending more time running around waiting for the timer than actually flying the ESF. Especially on prime time, the life expectancy is small.
    Personally I'm average ESF pilot, if that. I gain more certs as an infantry grunt on peak times than trying to avoid the oversaturated AA battlefield and trying to pick targets with the unfortunate draw distance limitations.
  15. Tuco

    Pay for what? I've got 1,800 certs with nothing worth spending it on. No cloaked AMS, no PS1 style mines, no spitfires, no motion detectors.
  16. Rane

    ^^ Cert points are pretty useless, sure you can get some theoretically good things, or pretty cool things. But all in all they will NOT make your character better. Cert points, station cash, upgraded weapons, its all scam.
  17. Tuco

    and there are no cloaked AMS, PS1 style mines, spitfires, and motion detectors too.
  18. Xasapis

    Yes, you're probably not even the same person, since the MNO listed is NC on Miller, while your signature says you're VS on Woodman.
  19. Haterade

    Play a support role. Even if you're xXsuper1337sniperrrrXx, you're not going to get as many certs as a good medic or engineer. Pick a support class, upgrade the tools of that support class, and profit.
  20. MeDPaX

    Med/Eng farm points.

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