So About the Jackhammer...

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by CorporalClegg, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. CorporalClegg

    Almost got the auraxium medal for this weapon and to be honest I'm a little disapointed by it mainly because its not really in the same category as its counterparts. Hell, I almost feel bad for those on the recieving end because its kind of a troll "loliwin" gun within 30 meters. Outside of which you generally get killed unless you get the jump. Pretty boring and one dimensional. It really contrasts with the lasher and MCG whose roles are more for suppression.

    There is no way to make the jackhammer a suppressive weapon without a complete overhaul so I have one and only one suggestion: Give it a unique intimidating sound effect.

    Why? So that it declares its presence and acts as more than just a ***** and giggles face wrecker. The MCG has a unique sound that instantly makes me run or stay low and avoid the ****** with the spun up minigun. Its an intimidating weapon that makes NC and Vanu **** when they hear it spun up. The same applies to the lasher. When the orbs impact nearby, I stay clear. Again, it has a unique sound and visual that makes enemies take cover or run. Props to SOE on both weapons because they really keep their victims behind cover and away from doorways/windows.

    If the Jackhammer had a more lethal, deeper sound, it could at least kinda sorta act in this role. Declare its presence, and let enemies know to ****. Plus it would be cool.
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  2. Hibiki54

    You mean something like this:

    Or something like this (FF to 12:00):

  3. CorporalClegg

    Lol sure. Give that the same mag size as Terry Crews' auto shotgun too while we're at it.
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  4. Frozen-K

    The AA-12 is a pretty awesome weapon, can't disagree with that.

    Just look it up on youtube. I'd post links if they didn't contain some swearing.
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  5. lawn gnome

    give the poor thing more utility! give it full access to all of the under barrel mounts so that NC can pop smoke, use a grenade launcher, OR for gits and shiggles a secondary under barrel shotgun to go on your large burst fire shotgun (65% more shotgun per shotgun!).
  6. Casterbridge

    The AA-12 is the piston on freaking steroids and with access to more shot types, it truly is the king of all shotguns.
  7. MuNrOe

    If he had the jackhammer he would need to reload after 3 kills max. This is what the jackhammer should do.