[Suggestion] Snipable ESF pilots when?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kociboss, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Kociboss

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  2. breeje

    looks like fun but the chances that u actually will get tho snipe one will almost not exist
  3. vsae

  4. Rikkit

    oh there are enough hovering esf's around, i would give it a try.
  5. NanoBitSplit

    Ever had a ballsy ESF pilot hover right over you while you're trying to snipe? Now have you ever been splattered across the ground and thought, man, if only he had a visible pilot model I could have totally sent an XM/Longshot/RAMS bullet through his face?

    Of course, it'll never happen because the game can't handle playermodels inside vehicles, and it would be one more thing the flyboys would cry about. Thumbs up for GWTB though.
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  6. K2k4

    I will usually take pot shots at esf's if I can do it without getting targeted immediately. I have gotten a few surprise kills from it. Like when a pilot bails and you got the last hit then you get the exp for the kill. Or when the esf's about to explode and you finish it off.

    I think basr shots should do full damage to esf. Its not like infiltrators can do anything against other vehicles lol.

    As for sniping the pilot, SOE first has to have a pilot rendered in the esf.
  7. thingymajigy

    So pilot rendering inside esf? Game performance is crap enough as it is.
  8. Exonis

    At least sprites of pilots/operators to shoot at would be good, also would be nice [REALLY AMAZING WE NEED THIS NOW] to see your gunner sitting down next to you in your harasser or Sunderer.

    And if this game loses major performance when rendering SPRITES, then something is REALLY OFF.

    I occasionally find myself on top of an enemy vehicle with no C4 thinking: Damn I wish I could shoot this ****er through his windshield or pop open the hatch and blast the ever loving crap out of him.
  9. Siilk

    Heh, someone still remembers good old GWTB...

    Oh, and this strip is so relevant to PS2. I bet that's the real reason TR, NC and VS are still fighting. :D