SMGs For Infiltrator EMP combo Discussion

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Drstrangewolf, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Drstrangewolf

    Reference for knowledge about it and this guy is typically good reviewer

    EMP Grenades: 200 CERTs, 50 inf resources

    From my testing with emp grenades seem decent for a wide area shield killer, which lets for faster TTK and alot of confusion. My though would make for decent additional room clearing tactics on shieldless enemies when SMGs come out since they will be good for large groups and such. In terms of a silence SAS style attack with a small spec ops group this good for frag combo if such an event happens where they become easier to frag due to the chunk of health they normally take off say if it was full shields half your health it becomes insta-gibbed. Far was we know about SMG it will maybe lend to become a interesting breach and clear method weapon when paired with emp and maybe flash too for added effect.

    Please post comments that are of a non-flamming manner please like to keep this thread intellegent.
  2. VoidC

    The worst thing on them is that enemy shields goes up to fast. A CD of some seconds ~3-5 could be more than enough.
    50 resources + 2 mines = 200 resources (2 MAX units equivalent) is also one of the negative sides. The use of EMP is very situational. I still use them in the hope they will be buffed / tweaked in the future someday.
    Now with introducing of SMG I though about the same thing - synergy of SMG and EMP. However, SMG will have less ammo per clip, but still more that auto scout rifles. We still don't know much about DPS /DPB and TTK. SOE said low TTK. But it could also mean, "low TTK bun not lower than scouts", "live with fast ADS movement", "thats it". As long TTK is equal to carbines, we will be fine.
    EMP + SMG with soft point ammo, reflex, suppressor. extended magazine (or laser sight) ... can't wait.