Smg vs. Carbine

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Lengineer10, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Lengineer10

    Hello all I was thinking of buying the cyclone, but I already own the Blitz. Should I get a cqc carbine like the bandit, or the cyclone? Thanks for the help!
  2. Iridar51

    As a Light Assault, you really should stick to carbines. They work nearly as well in close quarters, but have much longer effective range.
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  3. Dirge

    I would agree most of the time, but the cyclone is an exception. Personally, I would take the cyclone over most carbines in most circumstances.
  4. Lengineer10

    Ok thanks for the advice Iridar and Dirge
  5. nehylen

    A Jaguar/Bandit with ALS+SPA is probably a better option than equivalently equiped SMGs most of the time. While they both lose a little in terms of TTK to the available gen1 SMG, their use is much more flexible, you have better ads, range, and don't lose much in the hipfire department.
    The Sirius pick is slightly more debatable on VS though, since Zenith is lackluster and VX6-7 loses .75ads.
  6. McMan

    One thing about the bandit. Its effective range is VERY bad for a carbine, almost as bad as the SMGs. Its damge falls 3 tiers (from 167 to 112, skipping 143 and 121) And with 632 RoF it is barely better at range than the Cyclone, who has 652 RoF and 100 min damage.

    I didnt like it, but I do like the Cyclone, because I dont expect it to do good at further range.
  7. Heelixs

    Sunce i have never used smg bandit is my choice. For me definetly the best carbine since i play close range la. Though i wouldnt complain if bandit had compensator. I mean smgs have it why not bandit? Cyclone has a bit weaker vertical recoil than the bandit
  8. Nehlis

    I would say take an SMG if you need a close range option for some of your other classes, but CQC carbines outclass them in most respects. Especially the GD-7F. It also becomes essentially a power drill if you put a silencer on it.
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  9. Corezer

    I greatly prefer my tempest to the GD-7F...
  10. Plastikfrosch

    if you really want to stay with your LA then go with the Bandit since it is a really good Carbine, has 0,75ads and with the ALS equipped it also has a pretty good hipfire cof.
    But if you tend to switch between classes and you want to have a cqc option for all classes go with the cyclone, which is simply the best smg in this game.
  11. Heelixs

    If you'll use the Bandit I would suggest 2x reflex,forward grip,spa and barrel of your choice. I know that bandit has really no big use of forward grip but its better than als for me and my game skill.I dont hip fire much and in 8/10 hip fire clashes I lose, so I use forward so that I can be a bit more precise at range and by default you have I would say a very nice hip fire cone. I know that VR is different than game but try both setups
  12. Moz


    If you want an SMG as a LA I would suggest the most viable is the NS7 PDW.....

    Besides that, stick to the carbines. GD7F is a good option if you want a high fire rate CQC style weapon.

    Personally, give me the ACX-11 or Bandit any day.
  13. SupaFlea

    I myself mix n match, depends on the mission and combat at hand. I hated the Armistice at first due to low clip size but once you get used to it and start making those shots cout on the face its very fast at dropping targets at close range to about 20 maybe 30ft

    Carbine wise ive been trying to fall in love with the Trac Shot since i worked my butt off to get it but just doesn't feel right Jaguar is my main choice for default
  14. Heelixs

    I've just realised that smg's have compensator and CQC carbine's don't have that barrel option. Although I know that only for NC,regarding GD-7F and Bandit. How come? can some1 explain that? THX!
  15. Iridar51

    For most primary weapons, Compensator is an attachment reserved for weapons intended for ranged combat. Access to Compensator and HVA is supposed to emphasize ranged specialization, the same way that access to Advanced Laser Sight and SPA emphasizes affinity for close quarters combat.

    There are a few exceptions to this - compensator is also provided to weapons that are supposed to be "versatile". For example, select fire ARs and carbines also get access to compensator.

    SMGs are weapons that are available to all classes, so in that regard they are versatile too. I guess devs wanted to underline that versatility by providing them with access to all barrel attachments.

    That said, in case of SMGs, compensator is a bad choice, since it has strong and counter-productive downsides with no meaningful benefits - most SMGs already have very little vertical recoil.

    Compensator wouldn't help CQC carbines much either, since they still have lots of other factors that make them bad for ranged combat - high horizontal recoil, low velocity, low bullet damage at range. And in CQC, compensator's effect wouldn't be even noticeable.