Slipping in jetpack changes..?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Opapanax, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Opapanax

    I'm one of those that plays LA heavily and have since beta. There have been constant tweaks and changes to the mechanics of the JP with the Icarus and Glider options. Along with those changes have also been tweaks to the performance of the standard Jetpack. We've have the bug where JP's won't function after deaths and having to log out. Haven't had that one myself in a good while but that's not my gripe here.

    My grinded gear is because of what seems like changes and tweaks that come in under the wire. Stuff not necessarily in need of a full patch report but just small changes that come through during the day. Today while playing I was getting the odd feeling that something was off in just the overall performance of my standard JP. I have unlocked to level 4 but was starting to consider putting in the last 500 certs for the final JP level.

    The thing is somewhere between yesterday and tonight there seems to to of been some slight JP tweak yet again. I'm not going to call it a nerf or a buff. I don't know what to call it, it's just has changed. Folks who have spent extended time with the LA class I would think would be able to tell or "feel" if something was off with our primary ability that we use 99% of the time. So I'm wondering if anyone else in the same place as me..

    This isn't a major gripe, well actually it is because it's LA and it's our main thing. I'm asking the devs to possibly be a bit more "transparent" with the type of changes that come into the classes. I know they would prefer to keep all these numbers secret for the most part but really. Anything that anyone does to a class in the way a certain ability may or may not perform should be put out to the players so they know that something has changed or not and they aren't just being all paranoid..

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