Significant FPS drops post GU12

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Phrygen, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Phrygen

    I'm generally CPU locked and using a Dual Quad core Xeon e5462 2.8, 14gigs of DDR2 800 ram and a ATI 6870 with a Crucial m4 SSD.

    Obviously my CPU is old, but before GU12 i wasn't having major slowdowns on my FPS. Post GU12, running Very low settings, i drop down to 5-10 FPS for 10-15 seconds rather often, especially when fighting in high pop hexes. When piloting, the problem increases even when flying in low pop hexes as long as there is a major facility in the area. My render distance is 1800.

    Are the devs planning on looking into this for GU13, or is this an optimization that helps out new intel processors while making older/amd processors suffer as a result?
  2. fumz

    If we ever get true multicore optimization, ala the PS4 version, you're going to crush this game.

    Having said that, I recently saw someone quote that Higby guy saying, "there is no fps problem; some guys go up each patch, some guys go down".

    With horsedookie like that flying out of his mouth, I have to ask why the planetside universe treats him as a god? (just found out who he was on reddit a couple days ago)
  3. Lavans

    In theory, I hope this is the case. But in reality, I doubt anything significant will happen with the PC version after the PS4 version is released. Best not to hold your breath.
  4. Cloaking

    My FPS has taken a big dip since the update too :(