[Suggestion] Should slug ammo get a buff?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cleridwen, Feb 28, 2023.

  1. Cleridwen

    After some unfortunate events I wasn't here to witness, where slug Baron nearly became the only way to play the game for a short while, slug ammo has been standardized across all shotguns to something that doesn't really fit any use: slug rounds are meant to be a more accurate alternative to a short range blasting, but most of the time, the tradeoff from multiple pellets to one isn't worth it.

    That being said, I don't think damage is an issue: hitting a target at short range will have great effects, as long as you can make the shot connect. Thing is, shotguns aren't exactly made for accuracy, but for shredding squishies in close quarters; result, lining up those shots with even a 1x reflex often proves a harder and less rewarding challenge than lining up a Commi shot, obliterating someone with a Pilot's headshots, or hipfiring an Underboss.

    With that being considered, I'm thinking; how okay would it be to have slug ammo come with a slight recoil reduction for the weapon you equip them on?

    I don't use shotguns a lot. I'm not a big fan of shotguns, I'd rather use a slug semi-auto SG-A25 in its current state than its non slug version, because I find it much more enjoyable than the unpredictable nature of shotguns, where I never know if I failed because my pellet spread was too large, because I wasn't/was using a smart choke, because I was simply too far, etc. In that way, I am very much biased. So these are all just my two cents, and my own subjective experience. What do you all think?
  2. Eternaloptimist

    Have you tried flechettes? I switched to them for my occasional shotgun use and have found them to have surprisingly long lethal range due to tighter spread than pellets, especially on auto shotty. I like them better than slugs.
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    slugs on the semiauto shotguns imho could use either a bit of a range or dmg buff ... maybe both but primarily a range increase and less projektiledrop ... i mean semiauto slugshotguns kinda are your beginners battlerifle/semiautorifle before you invest into the propper thing or go for slug pumpguns for the one shot headshot capability at close to midrange-ish

    on auto shotguns they aren´t really worth it at all for how hard these kick as well as the quickly increasing cone of fire ..

    ... also MAX AI should get slugs back ... as well as fléchette added ...
  4. RRRIV

    slugs on the range shotty for NC max seems reasonable... flech? hell no.
  5. Liewec123

    i do miss the oneshot headshot from slugs on pump actions,
    NSO doesn't have many attractive toys, but the HSG with slugs was really fun when you could OHK with a headshot within 15m.
    but as with everything else fun, wrel said no.
  6. Demigan

    The way I see it shotguns should become more utilitarian. They are too min/maxed, being used mostly in their ideal range brackets because they suck beyond it. Lets keep in mind that despite people thinking they are OP as all hell, most shotguns barely outperform the starter weapons of their faction. And most starter weapons don’t exactly reach the top of the charts.

    Grabbing slugs means sacrificing your CQC ability for a mediocre at best battle rifle while without slugs shotguns don’t have the versatility of any other gun, even an SMG can at least be fired in controlled bursts at range.

    The solution: let players switch between pellets and slugs on the fly. Either by pressing X or B, or by shooting pellets when hipfiring and automatically switching to slugs when you ADS.

    Additionally, slugs in real life come in many shapes and sizes. For example there exists a frag grenade slug designed to damage armored doors, lightly armored vehicles, equipment and ofcourse people up to 200m. You could give players access to a lot of unique support options in the form of specialty slugs that naturally trade damage for their utility:

    - frag slug, light AOE damage meant to flush out or finish people behind cover. All grenade-like slugs would naturally have smaller AOE’s and damage output than their full grenade counterparts.
    - EMP slug, to take out equipment like ammo packs or drop pod beacons or delete some shields to support your allies.
    - flash/concussion slugs.
    - laser tripmine slug. Fires a visible laser from the point of impact, spotting any hostile player walking through. Can be cleared similar to a recon dart (see it, shoot it).
    - burning slug, carries a chemical that sets targets in the AOE on fire dealing light damage, interrupting their shield regen, making it harder to spot the direction they are hit from and flushing people from cover.
    - sabot slug. Pierces through infantry so you can hit behind them, deals more damage to MAX’s and can lightly damage vehicles.
    - hacking slug. If a target is hit it will hack them and enemy players around them. It could do any number of things. Remove spots, add fake spots, remove IFF tags, deplete or interrupt ability energy, reveal nearby players from the same faction etc.