Shotguns and elitists

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  1. Demigan

    Unless you are so lucky that you happen to pop up exactly at your enemies location you won't be able to OHK anyone. Even then anyone not standing directly at the edge will have enough chance not to be OHK'd due to the COF.
  2. TheKhopesh

    NC maxes aren't exatly underpowered as a whole, they just have no versatility.
    You either dominate at 0-10m, do okay at 10-15m, and get wrecked at 15-20m and beyond.

    That and we don't have enough ammo on the higher mag shotguns (Grinders).

    Assuming 100% accuracy, all chest shots, and that every round hits the target for max damage:
    The VS can take out a theoretical maximum of 12 people per arm's worth of their high damage output per mag (Cosmos).
    The TR can take out a theoretical maximum of 14 people per arm's worth of their high damage output per mag (Mutilators).
    But NC can take out a theoretical maximum of just 4 people per arm's worth of their high damage output per mag (Grinders).

    Notice the issue there?
    TR = 14 kills per arm max (with chest shots).
    VS = 12 kills per arm max (with chest shots).
    NC = 4 kills per arm max (with chest shots).

    NC REALLY get screwed there.

    Also, the ranged weapons are really ****** on NC thanks to unfair damage drop.
    While ranged weapons on TR and VS (TR's Mercies and VS' Blueshifts) don't lose ANY damage over range, NC's Mattocks have the same damage loss over range as any other MAX shotgun arm.

    They drop to a 3 round kill (with slugs) at just ~22m.
    And obviously, they're of virtually zero use at those ranges without slugs (like pretty much any other shotgun that's not mounted on a vehicle).
  3. Jubikus

    Theres a huge difference between potential and reality. The thing is most VS and TR maxes actually overextend and die because they can still shoot as to where NC maxes hop in dump their load kill some guys and then back off for a reload and even they are near death once they have finished this means the extra bullets tend to be useless because the situation where you can shoot that much is so uncommon. This usuallly means NC maxes get more bang for their buck not to mention that when it comes to AI all the maxes kind of suck at any sort of range i personally use 1 mattock 1 scattercannon with slugs and get far more kills at range than with my Duel Mercys on my TR simply because i can spray at players in the distance they get hit by 1 slug go pfft its a shotgun and my next 3 volleys miss completely and then the 4th one hits with both slugs dropping the guy where he stands as to where with mercys i hit a few times and they just walk away becasue the damage is low and constant as to where with the slugs its spike and if they didnt respond to the initial hit theres a high chance the next will just flat out kill them. Plus i always win Max against max head on battles which is fantastic.

    Playstyle also has alot to do with it i personally use my max for breaking point holds this is where the high alpha damage of the NC max really shines as theres a bunch of enemys in there aiming at the doors and you dont have much time after you have entered to kill anyone. With my TR max breaking point holds kind of sucks you dont kill very many people and you have to be really careful not to get carried away and die however it is a bit better in my opinion at the point hold itself as its got better suppressive fire.
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  5. Jubikus

    I dont know is 10 days enough now to consider something necro?
  6. Iridar51

    Fresh corpses are the best :cool:
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  7. Gundem

    That means they still warm :D
  8. Iridar51

    That acticated my reference card:


    This is the only piece I found, but actually after doing his business that guy says "your turn" he also adds "come on, while she's still warm".
  9. TheKhopesh

    I'm a medic (it's what we do), and the body was still warm.
  10. TheKhopesh

    I played a crappy vampire gamecube game from the early 2000's, and the best part of the game was when you're best friend gets killed.
    After she's dead, you have the option to drink her blood, but you as the player don't know that, and all the menu option says is: "The body is still warm..."
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