Shotgun feels ineffective. Am I using it incorrectly?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Cirevam, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Acuta

    While LA is the "best" class for shotgun, I use mine a ton on my Engie in towers, Tech/Amp stations, and Biolabs. Anywhere where CQC is going to rule. Mixed terrain I always go for my Pulsar C. Higher Alpha, lower RoF just fits me well. I still need to get off me bum and try out SMG...

    As far as hit detection with shotguns? I'm honestly starting to think it's a client-side bug. My son and I have great success with them, but my RL friend will be right along side us, with his Nova, and can't hit squat. Have talked to him at length about it, and he uses the damned thing right, but still has terrible hit detection.