Server disconnected

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by k9delta, May 23, 2018.

  1. k9delta

    You have been disconnected from the server.
    Reason:Have a nice day.

    I was like WTF ahahhaah, is that normal? if only i knew how to post images i would post it ahah
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  2. wake467

    yep getting the same here aswell bunch of useless ******* *****
  3. Sazukata

    My guess: The game is telling us to go outside while they work on the server issues.

    And I still don't know how to post images either. I think it requires uploading to a site like Imgur and then linking it?
  4. Scorponok

    yup same..finally got home wanted to play some and i load into a continent and BOOM that message pops have been disconncted Reason: Have a nice day.. thats the weirdest message ive ever had.
  5. k9delta

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  6. LoveDispenser

    Today I was cycling 35km. I've ALREADY had a nice day. And now I want to shoot ppl with my pump-action shotgun which I unlocked just yesterday.
  7. k9delta

    *Trying to understand how to post an immage, but *sigh is impossible
  8. Ragnarock

    The server hamster is depressed everyone, give it a break.
  9. AlcyoneSerene

    Servers down. Hope they identify & resolve the problem.
  10. Fishpoke

    server needed a reboot anyways
  11. Who Garou

    Down here on Emerald as well - dc'd our whole outfit
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  12. BrianF

    Yup me too...