Serious Griefing Exploit

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Diamond Sword, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Diamond Sword

    So I just loaded up the game right now, and some ******* had all the exits in the Indar warpgate blocked with mana turrets. The only way to leave was to either Quick Action somewhere, change continents, or fly while crouching over the turrets as LA.

    No reason for turrets to be in the warpgates; simple solution here would be to enable FF against these turrets.
  2. Fenrys

    You can blow them up if you don't mind a few grief points.
  3. Ribonucleic Acid

  4. Thardus

    Can you damage them if they're in a warpgate?
  5. GamerOS

    If their unmanned you should be able to, goes for all vehicles in the WG I believe.
  6. Fenrys

    I destroyed one that was blocking a door in WG the other day.
  7. Diamond Sword

    No, nothing inside the warpgates takes friendly fire damage, including the turrets.

    Either that or this dude was cheating with it because we had several people trying to get rid of them and they were not taking damage.
  8. Xasapis

    Nothing takes damage inside the warpgates.
  9. wtfhax

    Tried this as well, seems like it is rapidly spreading to servers in all regions. needs fixin'
  10. Achmed20

    happend yesterday to me as well and i just shot that thing.
    if i cant damage it, why did it blew up then?
  11. OminousZ

    Only immature kids act like this or socially disturbed persons.
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  12. Xasapis

    No idea. Perhaps because when I used explosives on mine the guy was already manning it, so it followed different rules?
  13. AlesTwo

    Reminds me of that guy who got that Scythe the other day and kept ramming people over and over and over again. We were unable to grab any aircraft except fro Scythe as he would ram and disable them a few seconds after they had been spawned. Since he got no griefing points (no damage inside Warp Gates), he could do this for hours.
  14. Jac70

    You can destroy them in the warpgate but you will get a FF warning. The cretins that do this get right on my **** - I think they should be banned for it. If I see anyone doing it I will record and report.
  15. psychobilly

    I thought this game had game staff on hand? These people should be hardware banned in the first 5 minutes of dropping a turret in a door.
  16. Diamond Sword

    Perhaps the person who placed it got rid of it. Or you weren't in the actual warpgate. Or, like I said, this dude was cheating. We could not blow them up or deal damage to them. Didn't even get FF warnings for hitting it.
  17. Jestunhi

    You certainly can destroy them in the warpgate (in general, not commenting on your specific case).
  18. Garrix

    I think turrets need an unmanned auto despawn timer. There are issues with them outside of warpgates as well. Give it 30 seconds to a minute till they disappear and it would solve quite a few issues I think.
  19. phreec

    Just knife them to death, works inside WG's too.
  20. mavix

    I don't know to what extent the OP is talking about. Worst I've seen is a few turrets at the front doorway of the warpgate spawn and even those aren't hard to jump over.

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