Sept. 22, 2021 - PC Hotfix

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    All PC servers will come down for the following update on Wednesday, September 22, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CEST). Downtime for this update is expected to last up to 2 hours.

    Continent and Metagame Changes
    • Koltyr will now be added to the continent unlock rotation during times of low population.
    • Depending on how low the current global population is, large continents still in the Unstable state may also be spun down to help funnel players into Koltyr.
    Munitions Pouch
    • This suit slot now passively reloads holstered rocket launchers/rocklet rifles every 8 seconds.
    • This timer begins when the weapon is holstered, and resets if it is unholstered during that time.
    • Fixed a bug preventing Munitions Pouch from working with NSO Rocklet Rifles.
    Tutorial Fixes
    • Back to the Frontlines mission now shows mission waypoints on the World Map screen when asking players to venture planetside.
    • Fixed an edge case in the tutorial where NPCs could kill your mission objectives, breaking the tutorial flow.
    • Fixed an issue where you could get yourself stuck in the starting room if you really try...
    • The MAX unit in the tutorial should no longer occasionally be killed by your allied NPCs.
    • You can no longer jump into the Tutorial mission mock vehicles.
    • VS characters who run out of ammo no longer summon a TR Engineer to provide you with it.
    • Implemented failsafes for the HUD being disabled when leaving the tutorial.
    • Firing range NPCs now despawn when the player is asked to redeploy.
    • Firing on allies in the tutorial will now give the player a mock weapons lock warning similar to the Live-game.
    • Tutorial mission can no longer be accepted if you exit the tutorial early.
    • Firing range NPCs no longer have erratic movements.
    • MAXes can now capture Outpost Echo capture point to fix an objective break. Not that you should try, stop doing that.
    • Placing waypoints no longer collide with the ceiling shields.
    • Bastion now fires down on targets during the end sequence.
    • Sealed an open window at Outpost Echo.
    • Various tutorial flow polish.
    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Flare guns are no longer super bright.
    • Fixed an incorrect tooltip about NSO characters.
    • VA39 Spectre and 99SV can now be purchased via certs, and the DBC costs have been brought in line with other weapons.
    • Updated Medic and Engineer info coversheets with ability hotkeys.
    • Character Select screen now uses prestige stars, instead of X's to indicate ASP ranks.
    Known Issues
    The following are known issues that we're actively working to address, and will likely have fixed in the next update.
    • "Conquest" alerts sometimes not providing completion rewards.
    • There is a graphical issue causing certain NPCs/players to render on top of environment props.
    • Containment Site is missing collision in certain Reliquary walls.
    • Back to the Frontlines mission will break if an alert ends while the mission is active.
    • Join Combat holo-table doesn't work correctly outside of the Back to the Frontlines mission.
    • Teleporting to the Embassy can sometimes lead to players falling out of Sanctuary.
    • Character Select screen can break at non-16:9 resolutions.
    • Colorblind settings cannot be used with Medium or lower graphics quality.
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