Select Fire Carbines?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Invictorum, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Invictorum

    I picked up the Gauss Compact S eons ago when I first went NC, but never put it to much use because I played primarily Infiltrator, or a shotgun wielding LA.

    I grabbed some attachments for it last night, including both the grenade launcher and smoke launcher. Have any of y'all had success with the versatility of it since it can set to burst mode for longer range kills, and lets the LA carry both frags and smoke, or flash and barrel frags?

    I plan to work with it for a bit, so any tips for using it are also appreciated!
  2. Iridar51

    As far as underbarrels are concerned, you can read up here:

    After a big nerf long time ago, underbarrel grenade launcher is kinda weak, it's nice to have as a utility, but don't expect to get dozens of kills with it, especially from splash damage.

    Gauss Compact is one of the more decent select fire carbines. But it suffers a bit from high vertical recoil.

    Normally I recommend HVA for all carbines that can use it, but GCS gets unusually little velocity out of it, and its recoil is already high, so I would recommend using SPA instead. Due to high recoil, I recommend sticking with 1x reflex. Compensator optional.

    Its horizontal recoil is not huge, so it's okay to sacrifice forward grip slot for underbarrels.

    So with underbarrel, clean barrel or flash suppressor and 1x reflex, you get a very decent medium range carbine, and still serviceable in close quarters.

    High recoil might compel you to use compensator, but I would recommend trying it without compensator first, and only using it if you really struggle with vertical recoil.

    Due to low first shot recoil multiplier, GCS's burst mode is probably the best out of all select carbines, but still redundant. You can get same or better results with manual trigger control.
  3. Nehlis

    The main reason to get s variants is mostly for the underbarrels. The GL isn't too powerful but fun to use up high against crowds, also really helps against maxes when out of C4. The underbarrel shotgun functions similarly to a pump action, meaning you get an OHKO at very close ranges but due to the time it takes to switch to it, you'll use it more when initiating rather than reacting.
    Personally I run the UBGL on my LA with 2 bricks of C4, Grenade bandolier and a Hunter QCX explosive darts. Boom fairy, I call it.
  4. P149U3

    UBGL still works great you just need to hit people directly for 1 shot kills or 2 shots close splash. people just don't know how to compensate or use its mechanics so they call it bad. i have over 15K+ kills combined for all my characters using UBGL carbines. if anything all you need is UBGL HV and a sight and you're good compensator really is a useless attachments because you sacrifice accuracy and its really does nothing to control recoil for what already is a easily controllable recoil as is the same for every other weaon out there. most attachments hinder your weapon with the exception of the forgrip. better to just keep your weapon as stock as possible and you will see an improvement.