Secret TR cloaking technology.

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  1. OneRedBlock

    I didn't record how it started, but I was driving a Prowler. My Prowler was blown up by a Vanguard, and I was killed. However, it ejected me from the Prowler instead of forcing me to respawn, but displayed "bla bla bla has killed you" and stuff. I only thought to record it when I realized I was invisible.
  2. Cryless

    I want that technology too :D
  3. OneRedBlock

    It costs five thousand station cash and is only available to premium members.
  4. DashRendar

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  5. GekkoWar

    I know this bug :/ These video shows the other side^^
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  6. UrMom306

    thats actually kinda a secret spectator mode.
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  7. Zorro

    Invisible, invincible, and deals no damage? My friend, you are a ghost.

    Twilight Zone music starts to play....
  8. TeknoBug

    Same thing happened to me
  9. RHINO_Mk.II

    I persisted after death as well yesterday, but I got in a reaver and they sure could see me flying around. My lolpods didn't do any damage, though, so meh. I ended up dying about 3-5 minutes after my real death - to a proximity mine, while sitting in the cockpit of my reaver, in flight.
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  10. Killy80

    I got a video showing what it looks like for the people alive, but it's 1.5GB and my upload is total crap.

    Anyway, if you don't move it looks like a regular dead person. But when you move, it looks like you would be constantly falling backwards in-place. Since you can shoot, they do hear the hits on them but they don't get damage EXCEPT a very few shots which actually hurt them.

    It was very funny when I've seen it on a MAX in a biolab the other day.

    I *think* I experienced this bug by myself one day. Got also a (big) video of that but when it happened, I could place an INFINITE amount of proximity mines which didn't explode tho. I was half-buried under the ground and covered myself in mines. I think I should upload that, it's interesting ;)
  11. Sithkiller39

    Red this also happened to me while I was in the crown kinda warped into the floor and people could see me but not kill me and I could not kill them quite strange but when I hit the map button I could redeploy very weird bug.