Sanguine Enforcers

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    ''We are Insanity Incarnate!''
    We do not farm, we do not complain about dying, nor do we complain about not staying on a base for the cap.We will go there where our allies and duty calls.We value our allies and duty over XP.You will recieve insane and sometimes suicidal orders so do not complain.One more thing, if you are not willing to do anything else than your little speicalization, then stay away from us and our public squads/platoons.We do not want one trick poneys.We accept all BR's and all skill levels, we dont care how well you play, but how well you can follow orders and how insane you are!
    Here are our rules:
    1.Follow orders at all times!
    2.Whenever you come to play Planetside stay in discord!
    3.We only accept people who are not part of any outfit, be it TR, NC or VS, no matter the server.
    4.When there is an SNGE squad rolling it would be of common sense to play in that squad with the outfit.
    You might wonder what do we offer, well as I stated before we pursue the experience and imersion that the game offers rather than it's incentives.So, playing with us you will experience the full epicness that Planetside has to offer and be part of some truly amazing moments.Charging the enemy lines with your friends: we've got that, holding the line against a never ending swarm of enemies: we've got that, perform tactical manouvers in coordonation with other outfits: we've got that, having silly and funny moments with your outfit mates: we've got that aswell.You can experience all of that and even more by playing with us!
    You can find us on Discord at OR in game by contacting any player with the [SNGE] tag.For more information about us, you can contact Thazer, SHINYREDBULLETS, InfaMoose, or any of the officers
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    bump for an old friend
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    Description updated, so bump!
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    After playing with you I want to join immediately. I already have the ts address so see you soon!
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    Updated the TS details a bit so you can find us at
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    New contact and teamspeak/website details added