Salute to the dedicated medics.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zukhov, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. zukhov

    Just thought I would take a moment to salute that minority player, the full time medic. Without these corpse hungry vampires who feed on death and decay we would be nothing. So show some respect for the voodoo zombie makers who save you a long run back to the fight.

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  2. Flapatax

    Hooray for broken revive mechanics!

    What troopers they are to valiantly volunteer to use the best primary weapons in the game.
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  3. zukhov

    Heroically forging a path where MAX units and heavy assault fear to tread!
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  4. SinerAthin

    A competent medic is the best sight you can ever see on the battlefield!
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  5. Koldorn

    I prefer the term, Green Mage.

    By the power of nanites, RISE AND FIGHT ONCE MORE!
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  6. JonboyX

    A rare breed, and no mistake.

    "It lives!"
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  7. FocusLight

    A Pro Medic has got any of you posers beat. Bullets you say? So last-era war.

    I shoot an endless stream of Soldiers at you, men and women who know no fear of death, for I am their savior and accursed slave-driver. Never shall they rest for I need them to crush underfoot my enemies, forever.
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  8. libbmaster

    You are welcome.
  9. Klondik3

    Don't forget the king of all medics. The One with grenade bandolier level 4 and revive grenades unlocked.
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  10. deggy

    I heard my name called from across the Forum landscape and was drawn by the cry... "MAXED GRENADE BANDOLIER!!!"

    Truly are the Uber-Medics forces to be reckoned with.
  11. Sen7rygun

  12. DJPenguin

    /salute to the necromancers who consistently remind me what an absolutely broken class it is when i run out of ammo killing the same 3 or more people chain reviving themselves.
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  13. disgruntled newbie

    I frequently taunt my minions in battle, telling them that they do not have my permission to die.
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  14. Pikachu

    Thank you green mage. Your healing is very much accepted.
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  15. Poorform

    Medic confirmed Necromancer.
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  16. TacticalButterknife

    To the brave men and women in the Corp, who courageously run across the woods of Amerish, over the plains of Esamir and the barren sands of Indar, to heal the injured bleeding to death behind cover, to revive those fallen out in the open... sometimes only to have their recipients of Nanite goodness declining the offer to be revived.

    As my squad's dedicated Medic, I salute very other Medic, friend and foe, for their continued service and loyalty to doing their job, doing what they do best... being a Medic.

    Unless they run around without so much as turning on their AoE heal. Or not reviving friendlies, especially other Medics, when they are perfectly safe. The guys who just want an Assault Rifle and nothing else. Yeah, those guys.:mad:
  17. PeanutMF

    If reviving took longer than healing from 1hp to full, revives could be denied on corpses by shooting/blowing them up, and revive grenades weren't so ridiculous I would respect medics too.
  18. RHINO_Mk.II

    Always wanted to run around as a medic, playing this on prox chat as I revived people:
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  19. Crackulous

    Isn't it enjoyable being able to kill them again and again though? It's all the fun, repeated once more!
  20. SquattingPig

    Maybe the medics should be thanking us for running out and dying so they can get XP.

    Just kidding... kind of. I pretty much only revived/healed people on one of my characters until BR 17 and I loved the battles where our side was getting farmed.
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