[ROADMAP] In response to the upcoming GALAXY update.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NeverWas, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. NeverWas

    MULTIPLE Wing mounted LOCK ON COYOTE MISSILE anyone ?

    Or Multiple Empire Specific Tank Secondary on Galaxy anyone ?

    [IMG] HELLO THERE ESFs ~ by galaxy
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  2. PieBringer

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
  3. Pikachu

    I just want it to be able carry a MBT to a biolab platform.
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  4. NeverWas

    Great, no thanks to this road map, the darth vader theme never stops playing in my head whenever i images a galaxy approaching a base ............. GREAT THANKS PS2 ! GREAT THANKS !

  5. phungus420

    With a skilled pilot and a gunner who can aim the Walker gals are already very strong.

    The Devs need to tread very carefully regarding upgraded weapons. The Gal has very impressive manueverability with High G frame and it's health pool is massive, with enhanced firepower the Gal could easily become excevily OP in the air and make ESFs and Libs obsolete. I've already seen a few 2/12 and 3/12 Gals wreak havoc in the air and force 3+ ESFs to retreat as well as killing lone ESFs who didn't realize the Gal's pilot's and gunner's skills. With the right crew a 5/12 Battle Gal with 4 Walkers would be impenitrable flaying fortress and could only be taken out by another Battle Gal with the same loadout, and that's not where we want to be.

    Please, please devs, give us the Ammo Gals with the ESF update. Everyone wants this soooo much, it would be incredible to be able to keep air wings resupplied and mobile and would open up a whole new dimension to Air combat in this game.
  6. Phrygen

    you wont be getting the loadstar
  7. vincent-

    I can already see it now 5 missles all going in one direction to that tank. Let's be honest that thing will last 5 secs after drop off. Tanks needs lots of space to dodge a missle that landing pad has no room for a tank to move.
  8. Metallic123

    Galaxies role is a transport vehicle but with the removal of the HART from PS1 and the current redeploy/instant action mechanics there are less and less galaxies. I don't care what they do to galaxies so long as we get to see more of them.
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  9. gigastar

    I would like the PPA on my Gals wing turrets.

    However i would not enjoy Marauders on TR Gals.
  10. MasonSTL

    I would love to see a new cert line that allows you to choose from either: 6 passengers, Datlon, vehicle transport, ammo supply & repair, or a large radar.
  11. Pikachu

    That's true. It's not going to last long but it would be fun to see it there, shooting against the defenders.
  12. Fox Reinhold

    Already doable. (Note this is NOT my outfit or my video, all credit goes to OMAR outfit)

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  13. Pikachu

    I know it's possible. But it's way too difficult.
  14. Ghostloadout

    Hey guys look, they gave us a new top gun option! :D
  15. VanuSovereignty

    A competent liberator crew will destroy a competent galaxy crew. Although good lib crews are rare, a good galaxy crew is even rarer.
  16. Greenies

  17. Typhoeus

    Rocket pods for the pilot and atleast four daltons. Maybe add a 5th on the belly? Man that would be amazing!! :D
  18. Fox Reinhold

    I would just like to able to buy myself night vision as the pilot so I can see out the front window better at night.
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  19. Akaan

    Yea, um, let's go easy on the completely overpowered suggestions. A Galaxy should not have a Dalton or Shredder or Vulcan mounted anywhere. Way too OP and will only lead to the Gal being nerfed eventually. I could get on board with a Tank Buster for the pilot though for close range defensive purposes.
    Vehicle transport and repair is also nice.
  20. phungus420

    Possibly. I've just seen some Battle Gals that were no joke already. With the ability to focus 3 Walkers at a time on any target, and with the Gal's ramming ability, I think we are in danger of sing a 5/12 battle Gal being more combat effective for A2A work then 5 ESFs, and that's not good for game balance.

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