[RHoA] Redneck Hillbillies of Auraxis

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  1. AlphaBrat

    Mission Statement

    The [RHoA] are here to spread Freedom, bacon, gas guzzling tanks, driving 6 wheel oversize SUVs, owning big @$$ guns that have big @$$ recoil, using cargo planes to ram stuff, employing l33t tactics walking through doorways, looking p!mp while climbing stairs as well as blowing hackers up with mines, killing zergs with 3 tanks, and recently splashing planes with AT mines while listening to Johnny Cash, and most importantly:

    Having fun.


    The RHoA is an intercontinental outfit that studies war and enjoys maneuver warfare.

    We put effort into learning tactics and using them in game, so a background of working in a team and/or being a military enthousiast is more than welcome.

    We also like shooting stuff and watching explosions, as well as outmaneuvering our enemy (contrary to our name, we're not a simple people).

    [RHoA] vs Real Life

    Whoever's online is online, who isn't isn't. No schedule here, we just team up as the members currently logged in. Sure we run events to get everyone together, but the only consequence of not coming is missing out on some fun.

    Our training programs are divided into 1 hour segments, so people with a busy life can take 1 hour per week if that's all they're willing to spend with us. We're not in a hurry anywhere, PS 2 is a hobby.

    We will also only remove members if they're inactive for over 1 month, and did not post in an appropriate thread on our forums that they're out only temporarily.


    All new members need to be old enough to behave themselves like civilized people and keep up with communicating, planning, thinking and executing. We have members from their teens to their 40's, and we come online to relax and blow up the enemies.

    All new members need to listen to voice chat at the very least, having and using a microphone is strongly recommended (and required to lead even a fire team of infantry).

    It's also nice to be willing to learn new things, focus on teamwork first (obviously we have nothing against being a team of John Rambos and Chuck Norrises, as long as it's a team).

    All ladies/gents who wish to join agree to go against overwhelming odds, and to most likely stay away from the friendly zerg unless it's in really deep trouble and desperately needs help.
    All ladies/gents who wish to join also agree to cause overwhelming damage to the enemies regardless of how outnumbered we are, and they agree to redeploy quickly if we go from maneuver warfare to attrition warfare (it ain't fun to be spawn camped so we refuse to do it).

    How to join?

    Respond to this thread, or
    join us on discord https://discord.gg/WBrZVHs, or
    Join us when we're running an open squad or platoon (the [RHoA] tag is always visible on the list).

    Then we'll let you in.

    Thanks for reading,
    aBrat in behalf of BengalTiger