Resources should never be reduced again, even during the revamp.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Angry Scientist, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Angry Scientist

    We've removed timers and adjusted costs, and the game is better then ever. Why? Because playstyles are valid.

    You're a tanker that shoots tanks? You got it, buddy. Plenty out there. Wanna A2A some? Not gonna run out of enemy air any time soon. Just like to ram stuff in a harasser? Go for it. Support sundy, dick around flash, anything. You can support any playstyle, now, with a reasonable head and careful avoidance of absolutely squandering your reserves.

    No longer is my faction being terrible going to kill a session, forcing me to suck the tank barrels of my enemies because I can't spawn any. No longer is poor population or stacked factions going to screw me out of enjoyment of the game. Things out my control don't impact me as hard. I can actually fight back. Spawn sunderers to make desperate holds or reckless rushdowns to foothold. A tank that will die to kill their main spawn so my forces can push the line. It's all there.

    Yes. It's meaningless, right now, to take most main facilities. Hampering resource gain will just throw us right back into the hell pit of out of control population swings, cycles of losing that are even worse then they can be now, and boredly waiting for minutes to tick so you can either play what you find fun or even just to even the odds just a little.

    Base meaning can be placed elsewhere then resources. Small bonuses. Facilities can be tweaked. Small bases are merely spawn areas. Outposts can be given small perks, on top of the fact that nearly all of them are defensive bastions. Facilities bonuses can be altered. But never should they hamper resource gain. We've had our taste of freedom, and taking it away will be crushing.

    Yes. Farming is prevalent. We can fix this. Change mechanics. Alter XP gains to punish farming and reward more vehicles fighting the other. But restricting the flow? Not gonna work.

    And let's be honest. How exhilarating will it be, to load up an ANT and make a run for the facility? How awe inspiring would it be to link up with armor to protect the ANT as it comes in? How awesome would it be to fly in to crush the enemy before they break your siege?

    Base timers already have an impact on a faction being able to just keep trying again. We don't need to kick people while they're down.
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  2. Axehilt

    Not exhilarating at all, if Planetside 1 is any indication. Almost no ANT runs involved enemy contact, and the ones that did only involved it for a brief moment. The result was that ANTs were overwhelmingly boring.
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  3. UberBonisseur

    LLU runs were glorious and it also involved going from point A to B using a ground vehicle.

    The only difference between ANTs and a LLU run is that one showed on the map and the other not. All you gotta do is a radar ping once in a while. Because there is absolutely no recon/intelligence tool in this game and very few people actually bother to do scouting.

    Moreover resource nodes will be spread around the map and not just the warpgate, making the incoming ANT path unpredictable.

    Resources are supposed to be a replacement for the NTU system as a siege mechanic. As the silo drains you'll get less and less resources per minute. In practice it just means you'll run out of MAXes and grenades, because "sieged" bases are usually a massive infantry ***********.

    Unfortunately it's much less functional and mechanically interesting than what the NTU system had to offer in PS1.
  4. Latrodectus

    I'll admit that the ability to pull another flash/sunderer immediately after the first one dies to mines in front of the vehicle pad has greatly reduced my hate for this game.
  5. Alan Kalane

    Resources in this game have absolutely no meaning, if you pulled a tank and died you can always pull another or wait a few minutes.Many players on the forum already admit that they almost never run out of resources.When they do they usually run in circles in a warpgate for one minute and pull a tank again.It should be punishing to loose a force multiplier. It's not. Resource Revamp phase 2 may fix this (I hope so).
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  6. Cham

    Uh, there were plenty of times an ANT run had lots of enemy contact. Especially if you were trying to drop them into a base where the enemy held the courtyard.

    I can't see the old mechanic working really well in PS2 anyways, because of the way the bases are designed. They're very difficult to defend.
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  7. Axehilt

    If you were always unaware of your surroundings and paid poor attention to NTU, and panicked at the last second to bring an ANT, I guess I could see how some players might feel that way.

    If you were observant and smart, you would predict where NTUs were needed before it was a dangerous panicky reaction, and ANT gameplay was ultra boring as a result.
  8. Axehilt

    Going from point A to B in a ground vehicle without enemy interaction is why it was boring. It's why ANTs were ultra-shallow, tedious chores.

    LLUs really weren't much better, because the battle was already won (you hacked the console) by the time the LLU was even a part of gameplay.

    Relics were a lot better, because they were a map objective which typically had to travel quite a long way across the continent while visible to everyone on the continent.
  9. asmodraxus

    Ant runs into besieged bases like drop ships centres and interfarms were glorious.

    Yes about 99% of the run would not involve combat but that last 1% of sneaking an unarmoured, non combat (with low health) vehicle to the silo and then deploying, meanwhile the rest of your squad should of cleared the way (mine fields were real imagine having 20+ mines to deploy where 3 mines and that's its game over), and tanks etc.

    Then there was the inevitable OS on the Ant so therefore multiple were needed.

    For those that never played PS1

    Imagine if every time you spawned, accessed a terminal etc it cost an amount of Nanites and that the base had a limited supply of Nanites.

    Now imagine being in a besieged base like a biolab knowing that in 5 minutes its game over unless some lucky person is able to get said ant into the base and deploy.
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  10. Lolki

    Thing is some people want vehicles to be force multipliers, and that would require them to be less frequently pulled units. Vehicles can either be playstyles or force multipliers, they can't be both. The devs just to need to decide which it will be.

    If they keep vehicles as playstyles like they are now they'll probably need to give them more nerfs to counteract how spammy they are. Personally I'd be fine with that in exchange for being able to pull vehicles more or less indefinitely, but I'm sure others would disagree.
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  11. Cham

    Right, because at no point in PS1 did the defenders get locked into a base with the enemy in control of the courtyard and keep the base up by Gal dropping an ANT into the courtyard. Not once, ever.

    NTUs and ANT's provided a mechanic that allowed attackers to break a heavily defended base if they could control the NTU silo. Those that didn't were punished accordingly.

    It also allowed an attacking force to bypass the lattice link requirement by draining a base to neutral, hacking, refilling and trying to hold it.
  12. Cham

    Pretty much. I'm not going to say that all ANT runs in PS1 were balls of fun, but some of the most intense moments were when you were minutes away from losing a heavily fought after base and a platoon of dudes drops on the ANT silo, clears it of mines, kills the enemy armor in the courtyard and fills the base back up buying you more time to push the attackers out.
  13. KnightCole

    We just need the old resource system back. Boo hoo, so people had to spend 10 minutes outside thier vehicles and maxes when it got killed.....that was hte whole point of it, trying to nto get it killed in the first place. Now we can just get it killed, respawn it.
  14. FateJH

    Technically, in PS1, if there wasn't a really really pressing matter, vehicle drivers would mill around the courtyards and SOIs of owned bases if they owned an Amp Station so they could fill up their vehicle shields. They also spent time sorting their inventories at a vehicle resupply station and waiting for gunners and passengers to spelunk to the ground level from the tubes. In doing all this, a good deal of the timer for that vehicle would be consumed idling.

    Depending on what bases you owned on the continent, you might even fall back to sanctuary to pull the vehicle and then gate into the continent, in which case some time was also consumed in transit.
  15. Dramonicous

    We had some very exciting ANT runs on Oshur in PS1.
    Althou this wasnt exactly your every day ANT run.

    The reason it was so exciting was because it was raining meteorites at us.
  16. KnightCole

    Transit really was kinda fun...sorta...I used to do it in PS2, but then I would and a plane would show up..every time, all the it's Redeployside 2 or else its Stareatthespawnscreenside 2.
  17. OldMaster80

    That's the whole story: resources have no meaning if they are infinite.
    We need the second part of the revamp asap. A faction dpawning tanks al day should soon or later run out of resources, and preventing the enemy from resupplying should be s strategy to win battles.
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  18. Axehilt

    Your problem is you think I'm saying that scenario never happened. It happened. Rarely.

    But 99% of your ANT-use time was still empty, tedious driving, because
    • Around 90% of ANT runs involved no enemy interaction at all.
    • Of the remaining 10%, 90% of the duration of those runs involved no enemy interaction.
    • Which results in only 1% of ANT runs actually interacting with other players, while 99% of your ANT time is a shallow, tedious chore.
    It doesn't matter that it happened sometimes, because the vast majority of times it was shallow and tedious.
  19. Rift23

    But how will SOE sell Can-o-Nan to the wallet warriors?
  20. Cest7

    They just need to make it so that theres less resources on the front lines. This would stop armour columns camping the warpgate.

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