Replace revive grenades with revive darts

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Manhattan, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Manhattan

    Since they apparently pack grenades into superballs in the future, it's made revive grenades very wonky and difficult to use. For a 400 cert ability, that should not be the case. Oftentimes I'll see a medic attempt to use a revive grenade on a batch of dead allies, only for the grenade to bounce off course or slide a few meters away, effectively rendering it pointless. Additionally, the detonation time is overlong, and with the bug that causes your grenades to despawn upon death (at least I hope that's a bug), means that if you're killed before detonation, you just wasted certs -- and if you're in an area where there's a batch of dead allies in a single spot, you're likely in trouble and are soon to get killed yourself.

    For how expensive revive grenades are resource-wise (and again, cert-wise), this shouldn't be the case.

    My suggestion is to do away with the revive grenade concept entirely. Instead offer a revive dart cert (switch over everyone who's already certed in grenades). This would give your med tool an alternate fire mode where you could shoot a dart that sticks onto any surface, similar to the infiltrator IFF beacon (however, the bullet drop should be minimal, unlike the IFF becaon which drops like a rock). Wherever the dart lands, dead allies within the radius are revived. Each dart can cost the same as the grenades now (though I still say they're too expensive).

    * Far more predictable.
    * Doesn't use up a grenade slot.
    * Easier to use.
    * Activates upon hitting a surface -- no more long detonation times or grenade despawns.

    * You'll likely require line-of-sight -- no trick wall bounces. There are corner cases where you know there's dead folks just on the other side of a doorway, for instance.
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  2. ChrisLand

    I like this idea.

    However I think the revive grenades exploding on impact would help with this problem but totally support this idea.
  3. vrcarnage

    Either of your suggestion or the one below would work. I personaly do not have an issue landing them. Once you get use to them they are quite easy to use.
  4. Ironhelix

    I like your idea, but as was already said, just making them burst on impact would solve the issue as well. Either would be an acceptable solution to me.
  5. Patooie

    I like this idea but also agree that just making them sticky would work as well. Perhaps 200p cert for the revive grenade and 200p cert to make them sticky (so folks who like a superball can do the tricky wall bounce revives if they want) The physics are so unreliable on bounces that I only do line of sight straight shots now.
  6. irishroy

  7. PS2 MEDIC

    +1 bump
    The revive grenade is silly as it is now.
    For such a serious piece of medical equipment, it is seriously lacking in effectiveness.
  8. Manhattan

    Making them explode on impact would also work.

    But making them an alternate fire dart for the medgun lets medics keep regular grenades equipped.
  9. Jaydee

    +1 this is perfect and a very obvious suggestion. They have to fix this. It is not worth 200 certs the way it is now, let alone 400.

    Medics need this!!
  10. Adam Chattaway

    I agree, i just bought the revive nades and feel very disappointed, they are frak expensive, they are such a small rez area, they take so long to go off people just fu respawn.. i mean seriously its like 5 seconds people jsut respawn then its wasted again, they bounce so much i cant use them close up and far its hard to judge and depending on terrain, this is such a fraking fail SOE, please fix this, 400 certs could have bought me 2 new tank and fighter frames pff.
  11. Kid Gloves

    i'd like them to fix the grenade bouncing, and let us cook grenades.

    cooking a revive grenade and just not letting go would be very amusing: cook for 4 seconds, then run into a room with a bunch of dead allies like the exact opposite of a suicide-bomber.

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  12. Raigir

    Like the idea, but it would just be simpler if the grenade detonated on impact. Also, SOE has expressed that they realize grenades are stupidly bouncy and may do something about it.

    They should seriously just make these detonate on impact though.

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