Remove the Butcher and Godsaw

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  1. Collin

    It seems like the VS decided that the LMG´s are balanced. But most VS agree that the Betelgeuse is total out of whack. There are three reasons:

    First its based on the best or one of the best LMG out there the Orion the top killers choice and second they removed the restriction of low magazine size with a buggy heat mechanic and third on top of that unlimited ammo + keeps this strange and the VS say useless 0,75 movement ADS thing

    The Butcher and Godsaw are based on the LMG starter weapons of TR and NC and therfore not very brilliant to begin with. The Butcher gets some odd attachments as well + worse stats then the Carv plus 150 magzine size.

    Since the VS say the CARV and Saw can´t be as good as the orion because well just because for reasons only the VS will ever understand, the Butcher needs to be based on the MSW-R and the GodSaw on the Anchor.

    To all VS players please keep it fair and balanced. I know if you don´t want this its not going to happen for some reason so pls help the NC and TR out here.
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  2. \m/SLAYER\m/

    i hate dat heat mechanic - it braking situations, where you dodged most bullets, and VS HA supposed to reload - but its NOT.. if it were have unique sound, because you dont really have time to check what gun enemy using, you can only hear it sound.
  3. Eternaloptimist

    Well now....I think the directive LMGs are based on each faction's starter weapon. OK, the VS starter weapon is no doubt the most useful of the three but I think this is an unintended consequence. I thnk the real shame is that the Battlegoose heat mechanic is a unique and faction specific (technology) development whereas the other facitons just seem to have variations on the kind of changes that you can get on any number of other weapons. Something really novel for the NC and TR directive LMGs would be good.
  4. HadesR

    Well for a lot of people and we have been saying it since Beta the starter weapons ( In terms of the NC ) are a little out of whack ... The Starter NC Lmg needs changing to one more suited to the vast majority of combat situations you find yourself in .. and that's a CQC / Medium range LMG ..
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  5. Eternaloptimist

    I am by no means an LMG expert but I was pretty effective with SAW at medium range and beyond when equipped with foregrip and compensator . Whereas I found my results with the Orion to be lacking beyond close range. The small mag was a limiting factor for me as well. I changed to MSW-R so fast (when it was like, 100 certs or something) that I got no opinion on the Carv. You'll note that I'm trying to choose my words carefully so as to distinguish between the weapon characteristics and my ability to use them.

    I stil think that SAW and Carv look like nothing much more than shiny starter kit to me whereas the Betelgeuse seems to be a different animal from the Orion......and that's what I would look for in a Directive weapon (if I ever got one - yep, true enough - I've only ever seen any of them from the wrong end). I see a lot of Betelgeuse and get killed a lot by them. I see a few GODSAWs and get killed by one occasionally, sometimes at very long range. Can't remember the last time I saw, or got killed by a Butcher.

    Maybe the heat machanic (apart from being kinda aligned with lore) has removed a singificnat drawback - mag size - from the Orion. So something similar of the others along the same lines? Recoil dampers on the SAW and what for the Carv? Not sure but I've heard people say that bloom becomes a problem with sustained fire so maybe some sort of gyro stabiliser that kicks in eventually (like the spin up time on the mini chain gun).
  6. Ragnarox

    This again? :D How many threads can you TR victims open in a day? :D
  7. Collin

    until its getting fixed seems like you are not a very nice person + i got you now on ignore
  8. KirthGersen

    Why don't you just switch to VS and enjoy as I did?:p
  9. Collin

    is that a VS thing of balance?

    Learn to play
    Join us
    Its not broken because its used more
    We are better players
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  10. Casterbridge

    I enjoy the GodSaw, but if they want to give me a directive Anchor with some unique features I'm not going to say no that's for sure.

    Regardless it would be nice if they could figure out some way to give the TR and NC something extra on the directive weapons.

    I keep thinking they can add an overdrive mechanic to one of the two factions, where you can temporarily buff the RoF of the weapon, but only for limited period of time other wise it locks up for a few seconds, so you can for an engagement or two boost the dps of the weapon you are using, but then have to let it cool down or risk not being able to use your primary for a short time. Would probably be a TR trait though the thought of the GodSaw with a buffed RoF makes me giddy.

    The other idea, which be more NCish would be a special attachment, like an under-barrel rail gun, performance wise it would probably act a bit like the Archer, but with no ammo, just a very long time between shots, ie it does a lot of damage with a single shot but then has to cool down before being used again. Though that idea doesn't work well with all weapons, mainly just decent for the LMG and the AR, carbine could work I guess but would have to give up the under-barrel shotgun. Big issue with this idea is it is much more situational than the Heat or Overdrive mechanic.
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  11. KirthGersen

    Well first of all I don't play HA much. When I do, I prefer SVA-88 instead of Orion because of both bullet speed and recoil. Or maybe because I'm just bad. I can use Orion ofc but I can't say I love it.
    The really great things VS have are LPPA, Lancer/Vortex and Magrider ofc. As a guy possessd by tanks I ended up with a hovering tank what's capable to get almost everywhere. This allows you to play the most creative and fun way.
  12. Ragnarox

    you want balance? ok.

    Remove butcher 450 ammunition pool and give them 250.
    Remove godsaw 325 ammunition pool and give them 250.
    Give butcher (carv) and godsaw (saw) 50 mag size of Orion.
    Remove 200dmg of saw and give 143 dmg.
    Give them no bullet drop.

    Now happy? Its balanced.
  13. Zombo

    Well, the directive weapons being the starter weapons with an extra thing is pretty understandable, i bet if you start TR with the Carv and end up with a directive clone of the MSW-R, some people would be pissed as well
    If a player really loves the Gauss SAW for the awesome weapon it is (like me) suddenly having a directive knock-off of the GD-22s instead would be terrible...

    however the Godsaw and Butcher could definitely use some sort of grand extra,

    maybe give the butcher a 5 shot burst with double the firerate, which then disables the weapon a bit longer so you can't spam the 5 shot burst (kind of like the 3-shot burst Jackhammer), fits TRs trait of fire rate and dakka

    the Godsaw could maybe get a "magnetic overcharge"-firemode boosting the weapons damage to 250, no damage dropoff, and 800 m/s bullet velocity, but with a slower firerate or only single.shot fire possible (BR + LMG in one)

    a belt-fed mechanic, where the weapon overheats on TRs side would definitely be an option as well, though i think it wouldn't make sense or benefit a weapon which allready has a very big magazine that much
  14. Gutseen

    give the butcher an Adv. F grip, nothing else is needed

    ps. m0ar tears from the vAnus Sorority
  15. CMDante

    Or! Make the Pulsar LSW the default VS LMG.

    Give the MSW-R, the Bull, the Anchor and the... I dunno, EM1 I guess. All .75ADS
    Then nerf the battlegoose because it's ridiculous. Then everyone gets a .75 LMG (which -they- swear is fair and balanced)
  16. Kulso

    This thread gave me cancer.
  17. Dualice

    They were going to do this with the Butcher in the recently-postponed LMG changes. It spooled up to something like 779RPM from 750. It might still be on PTS, haven't been on in a few weeks. I hope they still keep it in the pipeline, it was a bit clumsy, but it was something.
  18. Steza

    know what beats 0.75 ADS? a shotgun to the face. Really though the VS is not the only faction able to obtain a 0.75 ADS LMG everyone either forgets or ignores the NS-15M with it's 0.75 ADS. Seriously if you think it's the all powerful factor to why you die then use it against them. Tanks, ESF's, Harassers, Flash's, Libs and even galaxies beat 0.75 ADS as well :D.

    Never tried the Godsaw for obvious reasons but If it works like the gauss saw then bursting it at medium to long range and full auto at CQC would make you pretty intimidating. The Butcher like the CARV is fairly well rounded, you can peg people far away or you can unload on them at medium-short ranges. Other words totally up for a Anchor saw and MSW Butcher (prefer the bull over all TR LMG's).

    Or none of this still to early for my brain to think. :p