[Suggestion] REFUNDS?

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  1. NosfeRAtuTV

    I bought all the construction items but the vehicle ramp with DBG CASH before the bundles.
    I'm pretty sure there are not too many cases like mine, would like to know when are we getting the refund of the DBG CASH for the items bought with DBG CASH?

    If I'm missing a post here in the forums related to this topic, pls post it in the comments.
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  2. Mithril Community Manager

  3. Silverthorn1337

    More than just a few.
  4. Silverthorn1337

    You should know who paid what and when, since there is a receipt in game for every dbc purchase. Why does the consumer have to jump through hoops? Also an odd tid bit, but the secret questions are not working either, which is part of submitting a ticket.....