[Suggestion] Redeployside meets Logisticside - possible solution?

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  1. Bullborn

    Been thinking of Redeployside (i.e. defenders redeploying in large numbers to bases that are close to being capped) and if there are ways we can retain the ability for redeploying across the map but not require you to sit with a huge zerg to ensure caps go through.

    The Concept:
    * Sunderer that sacrifices 1 gun for a "Redeployment Beacon".
    * Redeployment beacon has a larger "Spawn beacon" column of light to make it easier to spot.
    * Redeployment Sunderers must be deployed (like AMSes) to allow droppods to start dropping in.
    * Available redeployment beacons are visible in the spawn screen, but requires the 10 sec redeployment timer unless you of course clicked "Redeploy".
    * Only Redeployment Sunderers can be redeployed to.
    * You droppod in.
    * Redeployment Sunderers can only be deployed outside of the "no deployment zone" (i.e. like AMSes), but can be deployed next to an AMS. (just not next to another Redeployment Sunderer).
    * Instant Action would prioritize Redeployment Sunderers to ensure that new players drop close to a friendly force and not just in the middle of nowhere or in a base that is already lost.
    * Once a redeployed soldier dies, he can of course spawn in the spawnroom as normal, if he so chooses.
    * Redeploy Sunderers can not be spawned at, only redeployed to.
    * Interlink Facilities could potentially play a role in this as well. I.e. Upgrades all Squad Spawn Beacons to Redeployment Beacons with limited range (i.e. you need to be within an neighboring hex).

    * Slightly further run time from redeployment sunderer to point than from spawnroom.
    * No invisible massing of enemies in the spawnroom.
    * Possible to counter (i.e. make sure the sunderer doesn't get close to the base).
    * Allows organized outfits to channel the zerg.
    * Droppods are awesome.
    * Galaxy retains importance.
    * In case of vast overpop, you can proceed to the next base.
    * Logistics remain important.
    * You can sell "Redeploy Beam Decals" in the shop.

    * Possible cluttering of the spawn screen GUI.


  2. novicez

    Your suggested features are already being fulfilled by the current AMS.

    With that, are you suggesting that sunderers need to trade 1 turret for AMS ability yes?
  3. Bullborn

    No, I believe you misunderstood my intent.

    Currently you can redeploy to all spawnpoints, including AMSes. Which is what is causing the "Redeployside".

    With this change, you could only redeploy to specific Redeploy Sunderers. You cannot redeploy to AMSes and spawn rooms.

    This would reduce the ability to redeploy-hop around the map unless the logistics were in place for you to do so (the redeploy sunderers).
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  4. UberBonisseur

    I always giggle when people use the term "Logisticside", as, in fact, it never ever existed in the first place.
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  5. Captain Kid

    1 get rid of the random reinforcements needed spawn options (so you can only spawn at bases next to your grid)
    2 let us drop pod anywhere on the map and give it a 20 minute timer. (so you can go to another fight when you log in or just want to fight on the other part of the map)
    and optional 3, let us drop on the spawn beacon without a timer.
    and optional 4, you can always spawn at a base everywhere if t here are at least 48 allies. (so you can easily get to a big fight but it doesn't disturb small groups trying to capturera base)
  6. Bullborn

    Perhaps not in PS2, but PS1 had its fair amount of logistics. Not that all parts of PS1 was great either though. ANTs were only fun if the base was under attack and you needed that extra energy to keep it from going neutral. Other than that, ANTs were boring.

    The reason why those last-minute ANT drops were fun was because it really affected the outcome of the battle. Which is what logistics should do. Forcing people to drive across country in vehicles just to get somewhere isn't particularly fun for anyone.

    Its a fine line between requiring logistics and "boring". I think the Redeploy Sunderer could work because it would actually make you affect the battle, potentially in a very important way.
  7. vsae

    So you propose that after redeploy we can no longer spawn at any facility hard spawns but instead on beacon sunderers only?

    Spawn point Sunderers are as durable as flash, this change would result in zero respawn options except the very facility in the hex you're currently in.

    The whole problem of redeployside is the same overly exagerated bubble of cries that the 4th faction problem used to be. There is that problem of course, but it is nowhere near the scale people try to depict it on forumside. The simple fix to this is just limit the the defenders ability to respawn on certain facilities when they get more than 55% pop in the hex. Although I believe it is already in action, so I dont get the point of frustration at all.

    What I see regularly is quite contrary. Massive zergy outfits use galaxies, sunderers, tank zergs, everything except the said tactics with mass redeploys.
    Except when losing empty critical facilities to enemy platoon that is ghostcapping it, otherwise this problem is made of thin air(or nanites)
  8. Bullborn

    I suppose it should just limit you from spawning at contested bases. (i.e. where the point is flipped).

    Otherwise I agree, it would be annoying.

    Not sure which server you're on, but on Miller its so common to see large platoons redeploying to contested bases to defend them that we've at times deployed anti-redeployside zerg-farming tactics to stop them (i.e. AI Libs over predictable redeploy-spawnrooms).
  9. HadesR

    Since when ? Spawning and redeploy options are still as limiting as they have always been .. Especially with sundies as you have to be within a certain range before they become a spawn option ( outside of squad options )
  10. Bullborn

    True. Unfortunate use of the word "All" from my part. However, for the most part its just a bunnyhop away.
  11. novicez

    I believe you cannot deploy into a hex that is more than 2 base away from your current location(solo). People can just spawn hop to be able to "redeploy to any location".

    If the devs really wanted to address redeploy meta, remove spawn rooms from small outposts and restrict them to large outposts and main facilities. I mean there's a reason why the galaxy is available from those locations right?

    Personally I have no issues with the current meta, if there's anything to be changed is the fact that there should be a cumulative time limit one can spend inside a spawn room, which will decay in time as you spend time outside fighting in order to reduce spawn room warriors.
  12. HadesR

    TBH the spawn system is still iffy as hell in how it works ..

    I've seen many a base zerged 48 v 12 and you have zero option to redeploy to it until less than a minute on the timer , meaning the only tactic to try and retake it is to zergdeploy to it ..

    Now if they made reinforcement needed and spawning more consistent and logical they could tweak the system a little ..

    Ie: When the timer reaches less than a minute no one can deploy into the base From outside the Hex
  13. andy_m

    What has that got to do with the redployment discussion?
  14. novicez

    It has to do with my opinion about the problem in the current meta, which is spending more time in a spawn room instead of actually re-securing the capture point from the enemy.
  15. andy_m

    But has nothing to do with the current redeployment discussions. Peeps are complaining that loads of defenders are deploying to a base in vast numbers in order to thwart a base capture. Not, as you suggest, staying in the spawn room letting the counter tick down.