Recommended Certs for Beginners [Guide]

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  1. RobotNinja

    It can be a daunting task for beginners to Planetside 2 when deciding what to spend their first certs on. Here is a list of recommendations that you can't go wrong with that are cheap and effective. Which certs you choose to purchase are ultimately up to you.

    Some players may choose to specialize in a specific class and/or vehicle while others try to spread the love around a bit more. If you plan on specializing in a specific class, you can use your extra certs for more advanced and costly unlocks.

    You don't have to unlock all of these certs but if you plan on playing any of these classes or vehicles routinely I would definitely recommend getting some basic certs for them to increase your effectiveness and hopefully...lifespan. Again, these are just some basic suggestions to get you started.

    Be careful when picking your certs not to pick multiple certs that use the same class/vehicle slot as you won't be able to equip both at the same time.

    If you have any tips or suggestions of your own feel free to post them.

    Universal Certs:
    Medical Kit 1: 50c (Utility Slot)
    Instantly restores lost health
    Note: Optional IMO since a lot of players will want to save up their certs for special utility items like explosives which will occupy that slot.

    Squad Leader:
    Spawn Beacon 1: 30c
    Requires Rank 10, allows squad leader to plant spawn beacon, doesn't count as an item/utility slot


    Nanoweave Armor 1: 1c
    Increase health by 10%

    Nanoweave Armor 2: 10c
    Increase health by 12.5%

    All gun optics for Infantry cost 30c and include quick sights (reflex), close to mid-range, long-range and hs/nv (thermal/night vision which also reveal cloaked Infiltrators). Infiltrators have class specific sights.

    Advanced Terminal Hacking 1: 1c
    Gives a slight boost to hacking speed

    Hunter Cloaking 2: 10c
    Gives a slight boost to cloak regen and longevity

    12x Scope: 30c
    The default scope is fine for close to mid-range engagement but the 12x scope excels at long range engagements.
    If you want something more in-between go for the 8x scope instead.

    Light Assault:

    Jump Jets 2: 10c
    Increases fuel and regen speed of jets

    Combat Medic:

    Medical Applicator 2: 10c
    Increases revive/heal speed, revive health and range

    Nano-Regen Device 2: 1c
    Reduces ability cooldown

    Nano-Regen Device 3: 10c
    Increases ability regeneration


    Nano-Armor Kit 2: 10c
    Increases repair speed

    Heavy Assault:

    Nanite-Mesh Generator 2: 1c
    Increases regen speed of generator


    Acquisition Timer:
    Level 1: 1c, Level 2: 10c, Level 3: 30c
    Decreases acquisition time by 30, 60 & 90 seconds respectively


    Acquisition Timer:
    Level 1: 1c, Level 2: 10c, Level 3: 30c
    Decreases acquisition time by 30, 60 & 90 seconds respectively

    Nanite Auto-Repair System: 30c (Defense Slot)
    Gives the vehicle a passive self-repair when not damaged recently

    Vehicle Stealth: 30c (Defense Slot)
    Increases the time for enemies to lock-on to vehicle, vehicle doesn't automatically appear on mini-map to nearby enemies. Remember, you can only have one Defense Slot upgrade equipped at a time.

    Maximum Ammo Capacity:
    Level 1: 1c, Level 2: 10c, Level 3: 30c
    Increases ammo capacity for given vehicle weapon

    Zoom Optics 1: 1c
    Unlocks 1.25x zoom on given vehicle weapon


    Sunderer Advanced Mobile Station (S-AMS): 50c
    Allows you to deploy a Sunderer as a mobile spawn (default key: B) allowing players from your faction to spawn at it's location. Cannot be deployed too close to another allied Sunderer.
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  2. Spectre63

    Good info and good suggestions, Robot...thanks for taking the time to do this!
  3. Slyguy65

    Ya i had a video going over some essential certs...but meh. Tired of trying to help just to see people complain.

    Seems that is what most people are doing when it comes to tutorials, they WRITE out posts on the forum, guess it is simpler that way, less complicated then video.

    I wouldn't recommend the AMS, just cause there is already a CLUSTER **** OF THEM....just my 2 cents you should at least mention the shield diffuser, along side the AMS.
  4. RobotNinja

    I'd highly recommend the AMS if you're running in a squad/platoon/outfit most of the time. If all you want to do is solo then I guess it's not really essential. The shield defuser is nice but it's situational for enemy base attacks where there aren't 200 tanks piled on top of each other right inside the shield door. Plus, it's still buggy sometimes, not that it's a reason not to cert it.
  5. Haterade

    This is a decent enough guide if you don't know what you want to play. I personally suggest playing the game until you find the class that feels right and spending your certs upgrading that class. As a beginner, it will be a lot more helpful to do thing and get competent at that one thing. You'll learn the game better, help your team better, and do just about everything better.

    I completely disagree with the AMS. This is outdated advice based on the beta wherein you could deploy as many Sunderers as you wanted in an AO. Now that there are restrictions and the meta game has developed a bit, it's clear that there are some places better than others for Sunderers. Beginners don't know this and will deploy in really dumb places. Entire base assaults can fail due to poor Sunderer placement.

    Leave AMS to the players who actually know what they're doing. This helps out your team and saves the beginner tears when their dumb Sunderer gets TKed to make way for a properly placed Sunderer.

    You would highly recommend an AMS for those leading a squad/platoon/faction, but if a guy can't figure out how to cert he has no business leading others.
  6. RobotNinja

    Right, you can't deploy anywhere now in regards to other AMS-Sunderers but you can still deploy. The only place this is really a huge problem is Indar which is highly channelized. Amerish and Esamir are far more open.

    I just said this is a cert that you can't go wrong purchasing. You could use it terribly wrong but you wouldn't be wrong for purchasing it.
  7. Haterade

    You'd be wrong by purchasing it before you have a good idea of what's happening in the game.
  8. RobotNinja

    Well, this thread isn't about teaching people HOW to play PS2 or how the Sunderer works. It's just general certification advice.

    Like I said,

    "You don't have to unlock all of these certs but if you plan on playing any of these classes or vehicles routinely I would definitely recommend getting some basic certs for them to increase your effectiveness and hopefully...lifespan. Again, these are just some basic suggestions to get you started."
  9. Arcanum

    I just want people to be able to revive MAXes. Most medics never do that, they don't even realize they could do it if they had spent 11 certs or so on it.
  10. Rabbitofdoom

    For max i also strongly recommend to get first rank of self regen skill. It might not feels like much but can make a difference in longer fights without pocket engineer.
  11. NavSpec

    MAX users need to remember to wait a few moments to see if a friendly medic is going to revive them. I have lost count of how many times I've been working to revive one and he respawns.
  12. BuzWeaverPS2

    Great outline. I can't tell you how many certs I've burned through on items/upgrades/attachments that I'll not use or discovered I'd have to give up one thing to have another.
  13. dough

    Disagree with this.. just because you have AMS-Sundy, doesn't mean you constantly pull AMS-Sundy.. I tend to pull mine when others have lost theirs and are on cool down. Teamwork? Maybe?
  14. Spectre63

    Team-wha??? I thought this was just Cert-whoring-side! ;)
  15. Clail

    Sunderers should also pick up the Vehicle ammunition cert. Really helps your fellow tankers, if there isn't a ammo tower around, they have to trek to wherever the nearest base is. It's best for everyone if they can get it right there in the battle.

    And for pilots, Flares are a must. Without them, you are at the mercy of anyone with A2A/G2A missles.
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  16. dough

    LOL! Sometimes it seems like that to me too.. but some groups are preferring tactics and teamwork to cert-whoring.. thank god.
  17. dough

    Agreed.. that was my second purchase after S-AMS. It just makes so much sense.
  18. supahitecjetfyta

    100 certs for the Suppressor/Silencer is worth it too as theyre a must have for stealth play.
    LA and ENGY share weapon unlocks so you can buy it once for either and use it on both classes.
    you also only need buy it once for the pistol to unlock it for all classes.
  19. Arcanum

    I don't think LA and Engi share ALL weapons, though. Before someone makes a stupid purchase.
  20. Spectre63

    True - battle rifles like the Warden are shared between Engi and HA, not LA

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