[Suggestion] Re-enable Silo Locking ASAP

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Desann, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Desann

    I don't know why this hasn't been reversed already. Overwhelmingly, base builders HATE this feature.

    I logged back in after a long break from the game only to be disappointed by this feature. I love base building, and it is literally the reason I play Planetside now.

    Here are the issues:

    Currently, I am unable to prevent a factional "ally" from spawning useless items and placing them in inconvenient spots in/around my base. If I have a certain design/defense idea in mind, random players who don't care to work WITH you ruin your idea for YOUR BASE.

    Random faction allies drain cortium faster than you are able to keep up, since they have zero care or regard for the effort to get a base going. They simply run up, spawn item after item and the base is constantly in need of cortium…

    Not allowing squad/platoon lock opens up your base to "same faction trolling" by enemy players. Basically, a player from an enemy faction logs onto a character of your faction, to purposely drain cortium from your base. This reduces or even negates the strategic advantage of building a base to stop/direct enemy attacks.

    Bottom line, we need the ability to lock the base to squad/platoon. I was in a group and we all pooled in to build a base. A random faction "ally" showed up to place his orbital strike from our hard work. I had just spawned my orbital strike and didn't notice he placed his just before mine. I had zero way to prevent this, short of despawning his orbital strike and wasting 3000 cortium.

    Other than the silo inability to lock, the base building is a lot of fun. Please re-enable this feature!!!!!
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  2. PlanetBound

    Agreed. Unless the object came from your Silo, you can't remove it since you don't "own" it. Another problem is someone dropping a Spawn Tube before you have the sheltered spot ready for it.
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  3. MichaelMoen

    Not even sure why they got rid of it in the first place. I can understand the feeling of being a Random and wanting to help someone's base by deploying your own gun towers for extra defense, only to see the Silo's been locked, cause I've been there. But I ALSO understand how infuriating it can be when randoms start building randomly angled walls and structures and then don't pull Ants to replace what they used.

    I think it best to be able to lock it though. The Base owner gets to construct it the way they want and the poor randoms can just move on elsewhere, or build their own.
  4. Sindroms

    Having the ability to ban a player from accessing your silo or turrets should have been added to the radial menu you get while targetting an allied player and pressing/holding the Q key.

    Edit1: I still prefer the public nature of the silos now, but as a base builder I need to have slightly more control over who can assist me. I had people approach my router base which was a spawn tube, a router tower and an air terminal, designed in a way that it would take as little cordium as possible, and they built it into a huge 4-turreted monster. It should be noted that the placement was happhazard and there were no AI modules to power the turrets.
    Not only did they waste the resources in the process, but also logged off and left me to meticulously deconstruct every single item on my own again.

    Edit2: It would be interesting to see if there was a way to set it so that a random can put their cordium in your silo and only use THAT cordium reserve to build stuff. So if you want to support my base, bring an antfull first.
  5. AtckAtck

    The construction system is plain and simple BROKEN as it is ingame now.

    Not being able to control who builds what inside your base with your resources is one of the many things.

    Here is my personal list of what "breaks" the construction system for me.

    - The "new" orbital is crap. You just don't get any kill with it. The flail is now what the "old" orbital was, maybe not with such a big boom, but even more killing potential.
    - The base turrets have too low hitpoints. They die even to a lighting now, often without even returning fire.
    - The base turrets do low damage. The previous nerf was totally unnecessary and overdone. If all the turrets needed buffs not nerfs.
    - The walls taking damage now, is counterproductive. The whole Idea of a base is to keep enemies out of it. 2 Tanks,thats all it takes to overpower a repair module for a wall.
    - The cortium cost for maintaining a base is too high. You cannot even afford to build all stuff of ONE Builder, but seriously DB thinks we want to build together a giant base that then has to be babysitted and fed cortium every 5 minutes. NOT! This is the most annoying of them all.
    - All offensive capabilities of bases scream in your face: "Build a solo base." Multiple orbitals? Not possible? Multiple flails? Not possible. 3 Players building all they have? Not maintainable.

    DB wants players to build more bases together instead of solo bases, yet they implement everything that is counterproductive for this to happen.

    My idea to propose teamwork:

    - Bring back the old silo mechanics.
    - Increase the size of the golden build circle x2
    - Increase the pool of the silo to 150k (maybe through extensions "cortium pumps" redesigned?;))
    - Decrease the running cortium costs at least x2, better x3.
    - Allow multiple fails/glaive inside a base.
    - Decrease the red blocking circle of turrets at least x2, give players the ability to build efficently together.
    - Undo the previous turret nerfs. All of them.
    - Improve the AI, make it hit better, faster and more aggressive towards attackers. Especially if they did damage the tower.
    - Allow more turrets per builder. x2 would be fine.
    - Give us an automated missle turret, the biggest problem is that tanks can hide all the time while a base can not. Give us some AUTOMATED defence against single tanks that play hide&shoot all the time. (The flail is nice for big crowds, but single tanks are impossible to get with this thing.) We just need something that can "lob" over cover.
    - Remove decaying of bases, instead maybe just add a timer of 30 minutes to an empty base, if it still stands then without energy, blow it up.
    - Remove the 200m no-fire-zone from the orbital. If i want to nuke my own house, then let me.
    - Allow building of at least 3 orbitals inside a "very big" base.
    - Fix the spawntube small arms "resistance", this thing is your only spawning point and goes down first every time. It is simply imposssible to protect now. It should be vulnerable against tanks and other siege equipment, not small arms.
    - Remove the restiction on several things. Allow multiple spawn tubes and ammo towers and reinforcement modules.
    - Make everything "tank" more damage. Make it that you need at least 5-6 Tanks to overpower the repair modules when it comes to structures and walls.
    - Change the turrets to have a "base" that is tanky as hell and hard to take down, like a structure would be. And make the top like in the normal bases: It can be destroyed, but will self repair (maybe a lot faster than in normal bases) and can be repaired "back up" like in normal bases. This way single tanks could get the base "to pause" but now be able to destoy it alone. Multiple tanks could have sufficent power to destroy the base stucture.

    Please daybreak, stop making bases whimpy solo stuff. Let us build and defend together, we actually want to build a hard to take down fortress and if i have seen anything, then that players will actually use the base if they feel safe there. They will defend it from inside and use it as retreat points. This should be taken advantage of. Building could be such a great addition to the game, but instead of giving it the strength it needs to be effective and appealing you guys make it whimpy and small and short lived...
    Stop catering towards the mentally challenged playerbase, complex game mechanics are good, they are wanted.
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  6. karlooo

    Good points, simple solution, but I doubt they even care lol.
  7. AtckAtck

    :) At least somebody values my idea.
  8. strikearrow

    Apparently this is back because I ran into a locked silo yesterday.
  9. OgreMarkX

    Removing Silo locking was one terrible idea in a list of many terrible ideas related to construction. From it's initial implementation to the revamp, it is clear that DBG has no idea what construction is all about and how much they missed the mark.

    Construction could have been a HUGE hit.


    Players do not enjoy wobbling around in an ANT trying to keep a silo full and trying to build a base while having almost NO control of the process--not to mention the wonderful vehicle/ground physics in this game where you never know what slight bump will up end your 10K filled Cortium ANT.

    "Why don't you have a seat over there and we'll talk about the one-size-fits-all-huge-NO-DEPLOY-ZONES."

    [COLOR=rgba(9, 123, 133, 0.27)]AtckAtck <--- Great post above. Problem you will find is that someone on the team has a "control control control" design viewpoint, your suggestions give control to the players, not to him.[/COLOR]
  10. Desann

    How about this: I will buy a 1 year subscription if the base building system is restored to its former glory and new additions are made.

    Planetside 2 is a unique game, and the servers are slowly dying. I feel like the staff/daybreak sort of lost hope and its only a skeleton crew working things.

    I am looking forward to the new Oshur map, and I hope that will bring some good attention back to the game. Still don't understand how we are at year 6 (almost?) and have 4 maps....planetside 1 had ELEVEN planets(continents) and 5 caves (asteroids) to fight on. I loved all of the different maps and was fully specced for fortification engineering.

    This game offers players many different playstyles and players, such as myself, are drawn to the base building aspect. It gives you a sense of personal pride and ownership in this game. I love making bases that are smartly designed to force enemies into chokepoints for my turrets to tear them up.

  11. AuraBliss

    Highly doubt this will ever be considered.. because its not the solo meta they want.... They will see if they ever release this new map just how useless bases are.. (though I doubt this new map will be a thing honestly because its been a thing before and it never happened.)

    Bases should be what they were intended for which is to create your own base to stop zergs... but when they can hardly withstand a lighting or a max lobbing rocks at it, it just makes you wonder why they even considered keeping PmB at all.
  12. adamts01

    The problem has always been base integration. Without that single issue resolved, without a real purpose for base fights, there's no end goal as to what would make PMBs balanced.

    I still think the best solution is the Hybrid Hex System proposed by Cyrious.
    It would force fighting to take place in between bases where PMBs would play an extremely important defensive and even offensive role. Right now, and with our current lattice system, the only uses for PMBs are semi-useful orbital strikes, routers, and vehicle terminals. The purpose of these bases needs to first be solidified before they can be tuned.

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