[Questions] A Few Things I Just Don't Get About TR. (trying to use reason/logic)

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  1. Flukeman62

    1. Why do we have so much white and grey on our uniforms but barely any black? I thought that the TR were meant to be black and red. but we actually have loads of white and grey on our uniforms. Why is this?
    2. What is with the goggles? We seem to have loads of goggles. why? i don't see how these goggles would serve better and more reliably than a visor which wouldn't restrict a troopers FOV? (I know that this has no effect in-game but we are meant to be the practical military right?)
    3. Why are the prowlers guns lob-sided? Again for similar reasons as above. It just doesn't seem practical.
    4. Why is the rum always gone?
    5. Why do we use NS stuff? It just seams wrong for the proud, militaristic faction to be using stuff made by a cooperation.
    6. Why don't we have the carbine with the biggest ROF? It's our faction trait so why don't we have it?
    7. why are we constantly compared to German national socialists? If anything we are more like England than WW2 Germany.
    8. Why is high ROF our faction trait? it seams more likely that we would want our well trained troops to have higher damage slow ROF weapons that require skill and good aim rather than weapons that encourage spray and pray.
  2. Kunavi

    1. Black went to Vanu. Just like a lot of the other "Cool" stuff. We're 80's Sci-Fi B-Movie stars. Deal with it.
    2. See 1. If you asked me I'd take goggles over visors stuck on my helm IRL.
    3. Because they "Left". If you get the joke, you get +10 ForumPowerLevel from me.
    4. NC. They took it when they looted those high ROF rifles.
    5. It's PR. You don't want us to look too strict, do you? How else will we attract Vanu deserters used to Raves and Dub?
    6. See 4. A lot of things can be answered with C4 in fact. Get it? Ha Ha Ha.....
    7. That's totally subjective. To me, for instance, we're Speis Mahreens. Chaos is coming too.
    8. Those 2 things are not mutually exclusive. Think; If they advertised "Well Trained Troops" as our Faction trait, how exactly would that translate in the actual conflict? More HP? OP.. More Armour? OP. And so on. Just be happy we have that ROF- Well, until we got looted apparently.

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  3. Alphalegend

    1. racist
    2. we're ******* TR, goggles and gas masks, get over it
    3. our dicks are lob-sided as well
    4. the commissars drank it all
    5. everyone who used NS stuff has been executed, I know not what you are speaking of
    6. If by ROF you mean Royal Overpowered Force then you're spot on
    7. SILENCE. we are the IMPERIUM FROM 40K.
    8. again, Royal Overpowered Force, anything els and you will be executed.
  4. pnkdth

    1. Design choice.
    2. Design choice.
    3. Design choice.
    4. Investigation pending.
    5. They're practical.
    6. Because your faction trait is high ROF and lots of bullets. LC2 Lynx has 800RPM and 40 rounds. You're also unique to have a 100 round LMG with 750RPM.
    7. In many ways it is was like Germany at that time. I would probably say it has traits of Stalin era Soviet as well as mixed in with an imperialistic England. Overall, I find that most comparision to politics and regimes doesn't quite fit anything in PS2. Much of the time people just fall back on whatever is easiest.
    8. Well drilled soldiers are likely to do better with bigger magazines and good ROF. Using the carbines and ARs as example, TR have an exceptional damage per magazine on these weapons. Also, if you have access to the T5 AMC(my favourite carbine), SABR-14(I think its called), Rhino, Bull, TMG-50, etc etc.
  5. Flukeman62

    bump. i need more answers so I can begin to sort and compile them together to get a general concensus
  6. starlinvf

    1. Tradition
    2. Tradition
    3. Also Tradition. Plus the 3rd gunner sits in the dome.
    4. Prohibition. But actually its because the NC stole it all.
    5. Ironically I think its because NS is the only sanctioned weapon manufacturing company in the lore. It would also explain why they all behave and sound like TR weapons.
    6. Magnets
    7. Because the only thing about WWII that this generation knows is that ***** were the bad guys, and that was the basis for most shooters between 1997-2005. That is literally all they know.
    8. Because they use traditional powder-charge ammunition. Despite being more resource intensive, its cheap to produce, weapon designs are well refined, and allows for better volume of fire. Keep in mind, the military doesn't require highly skilled marksman.... not when its more effective, and much cheaper, to have masses of moderately well trained soldiers that can all face the same direction when told. Reliability is what the TR look for in equipment. (Also notice how TR MAXs sound like well-oiled machines)

    8. Theres also a matter of weapons development. Mag tech for use in weapons was highly experimental, unreliable, difficult to manufacture on large scale, and difficult to control in combat. Everything the NC uses are based on "liberated" prototypes that were reverse engineered, and down scaled through unsanctioned R&D by their corporate sponsors. Even the fully developed NC# models in use today are difficult to control, resulting in more penalties to less then skilled users.
  7. RedPsycho

    1. Who wears default colors?
    2. For eye protection goggles > Visor
    3. Doesn't matter any more since shells don't originate from the barrels.
    4. Because I was thirsty
    5. Despite the fact were a government based military things hit the fan when we crossed the wormhole.
    6-8. Lost interest in answering these questions.