[Question] How do you know your corpse has gone?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hiding in VR, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Hiding in VR

    Okay, its probably really obvious, but how do I know my corpse has vanished due to the new revival time out?
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  2. Bankrotas

    Think, you can check by pressing Ctrl-F11 ? Or is it F10, can't remember, which removes your UI.
  3. deggy

    It'd be cool if they added some sort of timer for the dead person so they know.
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  4. Maelthra

    I'm not entirely sure, but since the patch I've noticed this sound playing after awhile of being dead and still looking at the deploy screen. My guess, at the moment, is that this sound is supposed to be an audio indication of my corpse disappearing.
  5. HLM

    There definitely should be some kind of indication, but like someone already said, you can press Ctrl + F10 to hide the UI (including death screen) and see if your dead body is still there. This can be unreliable however, as you might have died under cover which will obstruct your view so you can't see anything.
  6. Hiding in VR

    Thanks for that. Would never have known. They really need to do something about that ;)
  7. Wecomeinpeace

    You know what's funny (even though it actually is more sad)?

    That this games development can now be predicted entirely by SARCASM;

    I made a sarcastic comment about how they would simply sell voice packs and call that their "voice improvement", disregarding the actual complaints about the current system - Happened exactly like that.

    Then i saw the changes to the revive time and sarcastically wrote that we now need to get our stopwatches out because they surely won't add any visualization - Aaand happened exactly like that.

    Welcome to sarcasmside, where your mean-spirited jabs at incompetence are turned into reality.
  8. WyrdHarper

    There's a skull under the spawn options on the left of the map screen that appears when you can no longer spawn.
  9. RisKey

    Last time I checked game is still in development. Everyone is always crying about new content yesterday. Well getting us some new content means its not 100% finished I'm ok with that.

    There are 2 ways to look at it. Your way check it double check it and run 6 months of test on it before releasing it. The other give the players your base Idea and improve on it as they go along. I like the second way of doing things. I have been part of games where content is hung up in testing and double checking and discussion etc. The players get nothing but they may get a shiny add-on down the road months and months and months later.

    No thanks.
  10. Wecomeinpeace

    There is a difference between running 6-months long tests and fixing / tweaking obvious flaws. I mean it surely wouldn't take months to realize that a visualization of the despawn-timer would be a good thing and to implement one.

    You do have a point about the voice macros, but still, this was the only patch i saw that had anything "voice macro" in it. So even if they plan to improve this sorry voice macro system on the long run, they have not said anything about that, leaving me with the impression that this is all they're going to do with the voice macro system.
    And that "all" is just selling voice packs and making some of the existing ones automatic. I can not see the base idea of a proper voice macro system in that.