Pulsar C or Serpent VE92?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ximaster, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Ximaster

    Because i've tryed the faction NC and tryed the medic and infiltrator,but i cant kill a lot caused i select medic for do certs and infiltrator for try,and i fail,but my favorite class was always light assault of vanu,and i dont try again the rifle burst. Now i go with light assault and this time i wait for a 250 certs weapon,and there are 2 to select,Pulsar C that i think have more firepower and Serpent VE92 that have more rate of fire,im thinking to buy Serpent caused that in tutorial said that pulsar c the weapon aim up when u fire continued and i prefer aim to firepower. And in the game said that the Serpent have fire rate high and i think that is similar to GR-22. But between a weapon of firepower of nc and rate of fire of vanu,in close quarters,who win? Aiming correctly of course.
  2. LibertyRevolution

    whats wrong with your default solstice?

    Serpent is a solstice that shoots faster.

    Pulsar is like an NC gun, little horizontal recoil, strait vertical recoil, slower fire rate, higher damage.
  3. Mastermind

    Serpent = easy mode. I feel like i'm cheating when i use it. Pulsar C is a gun that took me a long time to love but now its my main light assault gun. As soon as you land that headshot you win, that's why i like it. It takes skill.
  4. Mastermind

    In conclusion buy the serpent
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  5. Ximaster

    Tnx for comments,then i buy serpent. About whats wrong with solstice,i dont like starter weapon i prefer different weapons than starters.
  6. Ximaster

    Mastermind u are in game evilmind? I see u in battle but i changed server caused EU hours, In NA servers in day the action is low. Anyway u are not from nc? o_O
  7. reydelchicken

    Both the serpent, and the gd-7f are BY FAR the strongest weapons of the entire game, their damage output is just far above anything else, especially if you have decent acc and HSR (somwhere around the 40% range for both).
  8. acksbox

    Get both weapons.

    Use the Serpent up close, the Pulsar C at a distance.
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  9. teks

    The biggest differences between the serpent and the pulsar C are its handling of recoil and ROF.

    Both weapons profit well from the forward grip, and ADS. Neither have any advantage from hipfire, or movement bonus while ADS which most CQC weapons tend to have. Really neither are 'close quarters' weapons, though the serpent is much better at spray and pray, there are better CQC weapons then either of these, like, say, the VX6-7 which has a hipfire level similiar to SMGs. In my opinion close range weapons = <15 meters.

    The serpent has a high first shot recoil, and a larger spread, though its first shot recoil is still lower then the VX6-7. The serpents vertical recoil is very low, and it has a very high ROF.
    This weapon favors those who hold the trigger down and ADS at close to medium ranges, like 20-30 meters. The high first shot recoil makes burst fire more difficult.

    The Pulsar C has a very low first shot recoil compared to most VS weapons, a low horizontal spread, and a high vertical recoil. The Pulsars ROF is low, but it does more damage per bullet.
    This weapon favors controlled bursts at medium to long range. The high vertical recoil and higher COF per bullet makes holding the trigger down difficult.
  10. Mastermind

    look at my sig mannnnnnnnnnnnn i am Ev1L , waterson vanu. No association with EvilMind
  11. Iridar51

    Pretty sure this was before Serpent had its recoil pattern nerfed in PU2. It was my impression that after PU2, Serpent and VX6-7 have relationship similar to Lynx and Jaguar.
    Lynx/Serpent offer more upfront DPS, and VX6-7/Jaguar has longer effective hip fire range due to tighter hip fire cones of fire.

    Serpent now is a typical CQC carbine, and suited for CQC a lot better than Pulsar C, due to advanced laser sight, SPA and huge DPS.

    Pulsar C, however, is a lot better at range thanks to recoil pattern, adv. grip and better damage degradation - Serpent drops three tiers, while Pulsar C drops two. Also higher damage per magazine battery.

    A player can, of course, use Serpent with a grip and try hit people from range, but he might as well do that with a pistol, hysterically screaming "See how awesome this pistol is for long range shooting! Because I kill people!" and then proceed to *insert shocking image*.
  12. teks

    I never said that. Mis quoting people should be against guidelines.

    Anyway. Your not right. Forward grip is great on a serpent. It drops targets like crazy in the ranges suggested and its ouclassed by tye vx6-7 when it comes to hip fire. If you want to hip fire just use a smg or the vx6-7. This gun can spray and pray but its not its main strength. Forward grips are not an upgrade for accurate guns only and tue serpent is outclassed by real cqc weapons as i pointed out. (Shotguns anyone). Its ideal for a serpent to ads a target at around 20 meters. Thats the serpents sweet spot. Thats where its the best.

    Not spraying bullets all over from the hip hoping you hit something. The vx6-7 fires 10 bullets before its hipfire accuracy is at the serpents level. Smgs will stay more accurate for 20ish rounds. Simply having advanced laser sights isnt enough it put the serpent on par. Unless you believe that a <10% rof bonus makes up for this heavy accuracy penalty.

    Now pls read my post and dont misquote people.
  13. Iridar51

    There is a difference between "hip fire all day every day", and hip firing within effective hip fire range. ALS dramatically increases this range.
    Obviously, one should ADS when he's out of effective hip fire range.

    Two and a half, not 10.
    Seprent stand hip move: 2
    VX6-7 stand hip move: 1.75
    Bloom per shot hip: 0.1

    My point is - any CQC carbine will be effective within 20 meters, it doesn't need forward grip for that, and using a forward grip to go beyond that range is pointless due to heavy damage drop off and inherently bad recoil stats, and huge bonus to effective hip fire range is worth far more than a few more meters of effective ADS range of the forward grip.
  14. Iridar51

    What I'm trying to say is - obviosly, at 20 meters and while ADSing Serpent will be better off with a forward grip than ALS, and the majority of the engagements do happen at that range or can be brought to this range by the player himself or baiting the enemy to close in.
    However, the difference between FG-ed Serpent and ALS Serpent will not be huge, and that difference isn't worth giving up hip fire range extension of the ALS, and the Serpent + Forward Grip will not work past 20-30 meters anyway. That's why I think ALS is better overall for the Seprent.
  15. Ganjis

    Serpent is like a SMG, but better. It works great with no attachments. Hipfire headshots at cqc range work great, bodyshots for short range. At medium range you will want to ADS and here it starts to fall short, but still outperforms SMGs.

    Pulsar C really benefits from HVA, compensator and adv fwd grip, so it is a bit more costly in real terms. Once you have it certed up it is a beast at mid range, ideal for shooting down from rooftops. At short range you need to ADS and get the headshots, so sights > 2x are not advised. At long range it is your only viable weapon as LA, but requires single shots (a higher magnification scope can help if you are sure you will avoid short range encounters).

    Both are solid weapons, get the one you want to get more use out of first, but get the other also.
  16. teks

    I was pretty sore about you completely misquoting me, and didn't give a proper retort. Let me explain to you exactly what I mean in actual english :cool:.

    We are not focusing on what the weapon is good at. We care about what its best at. The serpent is the best carbine between the ranges of 20-30 meters while ADS.
    As you close 15 meters the serpent is beat out by the vx6-7 in the carbine catagory, and beat out by shotguns, and certain SMGs.
    Beyond 30 meters its high first shot recoil, horizontal spread, and low velocity make it inferior to many other carbines, and a slew of other weapons.

    The serpent can indeed take on targets beyond 30 meters ADS. its not The best but the ROF still ensures a decent kill ratio.

    I'm happy you changed your opinion from "You might as will grab a pistol if your ADSing with a serpent" to "well, its already pretty good ADS so why bother?" The latter is actually a good defensible statement. The prior is, well, no ;)
    The answer is the same as yours. If your so close that you need to hipfire, the serpent spits out enough bullets to spray and pray without the laser sight, so why bother? It makes more sense to focus on the weapon's ideal situation to make it even more ideal, and more deadly.

    Now I'm gonna break down the vx6-7's recoil patterns and the serpents to explain exactly why the serpent really is a ADS weapon, not a hipfire weapon.
    NOTE: There is NO stat called accuracy. Accuracy is based on many independent variables, and to call the serpent accurate or inaccurate as a whole is wrong. In the right situations the serpent is a very accurate weapon.
    ANOTHER NOTE: The serpent is a great weapon with a laser sight. The only statement here is that its not the best. There are surely situations where you should laser sight unless you happen to own both the vx6-7 and the serpent.

    The Serpent Vs. The VX6-7
    First shot Recoil-
    • vx6-7- 3x
    • Serpent- 2.5x
    • Both the recoil values a very high. Thats standard for VS weapons. High first shot recoil makes it difficult to burst fire. The serpent's 2.5x is a significant improvement in comparison to the vx6-7, and this user would have less trouble firing while ADS. With the vx6-7 it is notably harder.
    Horizontal Recoil-
    • vx6-7- .2/.2 -->
    • Serpent- .25/.275 <--
    • The serpent has THE MOST horizontal recoil of all the VS carbines, and to make it worse its leaning left, unlike more VS carbines. This is a very awkward horizontal recoil, and a forward grip will cut this down significantly. Meanwhile, the vx6-7 has a much lower pull, and doesn't really need the forward grip (vx6-7 has the same horizontal recoil as the default carbine).
    • Another note, horizontal recoil exists in hipfire too, and so does the forgrip's benefit. AFAIK (correct me if I'm wrong)
    Vertical Recoil-
    • vx6-7- .3
    • Serpent- .275
    • Vertical recoil is the bane of the NC. Interestingly, the pulsar C has .4 vertical recoil. Higher vertical recoil makes it more difficult to maintain accurate fire. This is also the number which is multiplied by the first shot multiplier, which makes this small difference very significant. The serpent will have a much easier time then the vx6-7 when it comes to maintaining fire while ADS.
    • Back to my original point. The serpent will also have an easier time keeping his sights on a target then the pulsar C. At relatively close ranges the guns remain very competitive until the serpent's horizontal recoil begins to overtake its faster ROF.
    Hipfire COF-
    • Vx6-7- 1.25
    • Serpent- 1.5
    • WREL states its 5 bullets while hipfiring, which I missquoted. I see where you are getting 2.5 bullets, and you may in fact be right. If this is true a typical SMG would fire 5 bullets to reach the serpents unfired accuracy with an adv. laser sight.
    • Nonetheless The vx6-7's hipfire bonus is significant. The vx6-7 has the same initial accuracy as a SMG, and this means a player can headshot up to 15 meters reliably without ADS. Because the vx6-7 has a higher bullet damage, tight spread, less damage falloff, and a fast ROF, the vx6-7 is superior to a SMG as close quarters.
    • The serpent, however, comes down to more spray and pray. It not only has a higher COF, but it also has a high, unintuitive, horizontal spread, which will make it harder to lead targets as they strafe.
    Other notes-
    • Serpent has a 4.5% faster ROF, a slower reload speed, and a slower projectile speed then the vx6-7. These differences are minute, but should be noted. Generally players overvalue the slightly higher ROF, and undervalue the lower velocity/reload speed. Really it all comes down to the player.
    • There are conflicting properties. the vx6-7 has a higher velocity, and tighter horizontal recoil. Which means it may be better then the serpent at longer rangers where both guns are outclassed anyway.
    For a more authoritative opinion, refer to WREL on both these weapons.

    My conclusion is that players overvalue the 4.5% faster ROF when they claim that the serpent is 'superior'. In fact, the vx6-7 has many things going for it, especially when it comes to close quarters, which makes the vx6-7 my go to CQC carbine. The serpent has a much more relaxed kill range thanks to its low vertical recoil, which makes ADS at medium ranges very easy. Combined with a firgrip to kill that nasty left side recoil, the serpent is in fact a very deadly mid range weapon.
  17. Iridar51

    Will read the rest of your post later, but this review was done before PU2 and it is outdated. Serpent was nerfed to have more vertical recoil, as well increased maximum horizontal recoil values.
  18. sindz

    Serpent is viable even though it got more recoil, but the ******** long reload speeds was fixed a while back.
  19. Iridar51

    I didn't change my opinion, I just worded it differently:
    You might as well grab a pistol if you're trying to use a CQC carbine with a forward grip and try to take out enemies at longer ranges. If you're not using a forward grip to engage enemies at longer ranges, then you might as well use ALS. That's my position.
    As to the Serpent vs VX6-7, it works like this:
    VX6-7 vs Serpent is Precision vs Raw DPS. There is no clear answer, and no clear winner in any situation that isn't point blank engagement.
    These are two slightly different playstyles. Only slightly, because both weapons are within the same category.
    If a player often goes for headshots in CQC, I would give him advice to use VX6-7. If he aims for center mass, then the Serpent will be more suited for him. And that's it. Since PU2 there is no more great mystery revelation of the differences between VX6-7 and Serpent.

    Serpent is a CQC carbine, and should be used as such. That doesn't necessarily mean hip fire all the time. It means engaging targets within effective range, which is very limited for these two weapons, because of heavy damage drop off, heavy horizontal recoil and inconsistent recoil angle.
    Forward grip can be used on both of them to slightly increase effective ADS range. Not worth it.

    You are free, of course, to play however you like, but don't try to sell that as the absolute bestest way to use the weapon for everyone.
  20. teks

    The serpent is effective upwards of 50 meters. I'm sorry you changed your position again. I can't force you to read my breakdown. GL with your pistol.

    • Recoil is being increased. This weapon previously had too little recoil for its rate of fire.
    • First shot recoil increased from 2.5 to 2.75
    • Maximum horizontal recoil increased from 0.25 to 0.275. Minimum horizontal recoil remains the same at 0.25.
    ^not a gamebreaking change^
    I missed the 2.75 first shot multi. I've never noticed it, and its not on the universe site oddly enough.
    Fortunately, the increase of the horizontal recoil only makes the forgrip more viable. If you hold hipfire so highly I highly recommend you try the vx6-7. It is the superior weapon for your playstyle

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