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  1. ps_nicto Developer

    The PlanetSide 2 Public Test Server will come down this evening for an update.

    These notes continue to build on the Critical Mass update and Combined Arms Initiative as discussed in previous patch notes and dev articles.

    The territory control percentages in the top-center of the map screen now update immediately upon territory changing hands.

    Infantry/MAX Adjustments
    Nanoweave Armor and Kinetic Armor
    We reverted the melee resistance on Nanoweave and Kinetic armor types at maximum rank, and reinstated the Archer damage resistance in exchange.

    NS-AM7 Archer
    The Archer Anti-Materiel Rifle direct damage has been returned to its own anti-materiel rifle resistance type, and has gained increased effectiveness against most vehicles (but less than its previous PTS iteration.)

    Vehicle Adjustments
    The following changes to the MBT and Harasser empire specific anti-infantry weapons pushes them further away from Fury and Halberd in terms of vehicle damage and time to kill, while still giving them the ability to defend themselves from armored targets.

    Proton II PPA (Magrider and Harasser)
    Direct hit damage from 75-50 to 60-50.

    Marauder (Prowler and Harasser)
    Direct hit damage from 100 to 75

    Canister (Vanguard and Harasser)
    Pellets per shot from 12 to 10
    Now has 25 blast damage within 0.5 meters, tapering to 5 damage at 1.5 meters.

    Dev Note: Reducing the pellets per shot reduces the maximum direct damage that can be spit out, but also creates less consistency versus infantry. Some added splash to each pellet gives back some of that anti-infantry consistency.

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Zealot Overdrive Engine now uses proper CAI damage values.
    • TR and VS Bursters now use proper CAI damage values.
    • Test Server should no longer crash for non-new characters.
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