PTS Game Update – 11/29

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  1. Inzababa

    Oh you mean the only nerf is being applied to 10 or 15 meters? Sorry I totally didn't miss that.

    I have a few Aurixium shotguns because I find them fun (not effective, but fun) and if an enemy is more than 10 meters away, part of the fun is managing to get closer otherwise it's more or less impossible to kill him.

    So if they are nerfing beyond the 10 or 15 meter range, I couldn't care less, because I never kill anyone at that range anyway.
  2. LaughingDead

    And you never thought people wanted them to actually be competitive? If ya don't care about the nerf then why even respond in this thread, you're already content with shotguns on live and if you don't feel like this affects you then don't even respond to it.
    I'm terribly sorry for taking your question seriously.
  3. Inzababa

    Maybe you've had a bad day, or a fight with a friend. Often when people are stressed or angry, they don't think properly, I almost kicked my cat the other day I was furious about something else that happened.

    But the poor cat had nothing to do with it !

    It's human, take a breath or two, a deep one maybe even, and read what I wrote again.
  4. Inzababa

    edit button doesn't work for some reason, I just realized there's a typo in my first sentence :

    "I totally didn't miss that that" should be "I totally missed that"

    I thought the nerf was to damage of shotgung, period, but if it's for ranges beyond 10 meters, it literally changes nothing.
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